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to change objects from one layer to another

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This procedure will copy all objects from a specified layer to the active layer. It should be easy to adapt it to copy selected objects from the active layer to any target layer (ie - Procedure PutStuff(Lyr :String) wink.gif" border="0 .


Procedure GetStuff(Lyr :String); { Copy all objects from layer = "Lyr" to the active layer. } VAR LName :String; Begin LName := GetLName(ActLayer); { Get active layer name } Layer(Lyr); { Make "Lyr" the active layer } SelectAll; DoMenuTextByName('Copy', 0); Layer(LName); { return to previous active layer "LName" } DoMenuTextByName('Paste In Place', 0); End; { GetStuff }

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OK, I had a few minutes free time and it's not 4 AM, so I can think straight. Here is a PutStuff script. One note of caution, if an object is locked, Cut will do nothing.


Procedure PutStuff(Lyr :String; MoveObjs :Boolean); { Copy or Move all selected objects from the active layer to layer = "Lyr". } { If MoveObjs is TRUE, Objects are moved by Cut and Paste. } { If MoveObjs is FALSE, Objects are duplicated by Copy and Paste. } VAR LName :String; Begin LName := GetLName(ActLayer); { Get active layer name } if MoveObjs then DoMenuTextByName('Cut', 0) else DoMenuTextByName('Copy', 0); Layer(Lyr); { Make "Lyr" the active layer } DoMenuTextByName('Paste In Place', 0); Layer(LName); { return to previous active layer "LName" } End; { PutStuff }

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Thanks a lot Raymond! Your code will help me incredibly.

I had Cut & Paste in mind, but I find it rather disturbing that there is no other way.

I mean, manualy it's a simple Obj. Info. Palette thing and VS-wise Layers are sort of the 'ultimate containers' ... I guess it's some minimalist prejudice I've got.

Thanks anyway!

[ 07-23-2002: Message edited by: Alexandre B A Villares ]

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I never did understand why there have not been Copy; Paste; & PasteInPlace; commands in VS. And for that matter, SendToLayer would be nice, too. In some of the documentation I have read over the years, the use of DoMenuText() commands was discouraged for portability reasons, but I know of no other way to invoke these basic functions. It seems to me the above commands would be a logical extension of the VS interface, and it would make it a whole heck of a lot easier for NOVICE programmers to get started. That's just my 2?. Glad I could help.


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Right you are Ray, but there is another factor that we, as users don't see, which is the difficulty of implementation. Generally, when I see reluctance to implement certain obvious calls, I've come to understand that there is usually a technical obstacle that makes it not worth doing compared to other jobs. Sometimes, a development comes along that makes it possible to implement a long-standing wish list feature. Unfortunately, we are not privy to this aspect.

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Although, I agree with you in principle, that implementaion of something simple is never simple, I can't help but wonder that these aspects could not have been implemented in more than a decade of development. You and I can work around it, but ease of use should be a goal, not a Wish List item.


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