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Regens & LayerScale

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Whenever I go to the Create Plug-ins dialog, all the PIO's that I have (custom-made) reset themselves to the ACTIVE layer only. When I switch to another layer (different scale, so the PIO's are incorrectly scaled), moving the PIO doesn't fix it, but rotating does. Reset on Move is checked, as is Reset on Rotate. The regen check is as follows:

{"error-check for possible size changes in regens"} if IsNewCustomObject (this_object_name) or (GetLayer(this_object_handle)=NIL) { what does this check mean? } then LayerScale:=GetLScale(ActLayer) { set the scale var to the current doc scale } else LayerScale:=GetLScale(GetLayer(this_object_handle)); { retrieve scale of object's layer }

It's as though the GetLayer doesn't work correctly during a global PIO update. I originally grabbed the above check from a v8 Elevation Benchmark script. Can anyone help? Until then, I'll try to check if the placement of the code (and assignment to LayerScale) is the culprit.

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OK, the trick is, add this to your plug-in:

ALHand:=ActLayer; IF GetCustomObjectInfo(objectName, objectHand, recordHand, wallHand) THEN BEGIN IF GetLayer(objectHand)<>NIL THEN BEGIN Layer(GetLName(GetLayer(objectHand))); END; END;

[... your plug-in goes here...]


The point is: have the layer made active at the time the plug-in is redrawn.

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