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Variables in search criteria


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Why does this not work?

LN := GetLName(ActLayer);

Hide( ( (L= LN) & NOT (R IN ['Tree Record']) ));

It should be possible to substitute any string in the search criteria with the value returned by a variable.

This does not seem to apply for search criteria unless there is a special syntax for making programmatic searches.

Thanks in advance.



I believe I found the problem myself.

The statement won't compile if the variable name is short - I used 15 character names for the variables used in search criteria and it works as expected.

Interestingly, reducing the name back down to two characters after a longer one has been entered and run is not a problem.

I have not yet determined what is the minimum length of variable name that can be used but 15 always works. Bug here somewhere.


[ 06-13-2002: Message edited by: JoelS ]

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