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Graphic legend automatic annotations

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Hi All,


For my company I am trying to make an automated window schedule using the graphic legend tool.


Using the Belgium and NL only tool, 'buiten- deur/raam', the US only tool 'Window' gets a lot more automated annotation options. Using the sill and frame you are able to automate the annotions much easier than with the BE/NL only tool. This is something I would like to see changed of course, but not my main problem right now. 


My current problem is that with different widths of windows, the automated annotaions are set at different offset from the window. Even using just the default '0' setting, the window X03 annotation is placed further than window X04. I suspect this is due to my settings with the image placement. 

Also I would like to ask if it is possible to automatically count al the mirrored instances of a 'buitendeur/raam' not including the non-mirrored instances of the window.


I've attached my try out file, you should immediately see the difference in offset that the automatic dimension creates.


Thanks in advance, Kind Regards Jelle

Mozartlaan kozijnstaat try.vwx

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