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Mac Studio, M3Max Macbook Pro, Ryzen 7 Lenovo

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Hi All.  Any feedback on the Mac Studio M2 vs M3 Max Macbook?  Recently priced both options at around the 4k price point.  GPU/ CPU specs:  m3 max 14/40 with a mac studio 24/ 60. Portability is not really a factor, laptop  or studio could work.  Concern is that the studio is an M2, and rumours indicate an M3 update is looming.   


And on an entirely different matter :  Anybody running VW 24 on a Ryzen 7 machine with 4060 Intel vid card?  My work colleague is on a super limited budget, she mainly works in 2d and medium sized residential on 3d.  She can grab a legion 5 machine for around 1300, but is a bit wary of the Ryzen.  On paper, it seems like those specs would be ok for her.

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