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Coordinate in rotated plan

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Hello I work in rotated plan , I see the global coordinate and can edit it, I see in grey the rotated coordinate, and can't edit it , is a way to unlock it ? 


In the manual I find



The display of the Object Info palette coordinates in rotated plan view is controlled by a preference, accessed from the Utility menu on the title bar of the Object Info palette

https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Views/Rotating_the_plan.htm?rhhlterm=rotating rotate rotated rotation rotates plan&rhsearch=rotate plan

But I can't find that preference setting . 

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in Light mode it's easier to understand and also to read the coordinate 

May it will be nice to change the text color of the screen coordinate , in light mode global and screen coordinate are black, but in dark mode glabal are wight and screen are grey who it is not easy to read ;)

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