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Add/Get/Remove Association

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I want to link two objects on different layers and figured I can use the "Association" calls for example


AddAssociation( ioOwnerObj  :HANDLE; inKind  :INTEGER; ioTargetObj  :HANDLE) :BOOLEAN;


I notice there are only two association "kinds"


kOnDeleteDelete = 4; {Target object is deleted when owner is deleted.}

kOnDeleteReset = 5; {Target object is reset when owner is deleted.}


Are there any others? I am looking for a kOnMoveDelete or a kOnMoveMove


Also I noticed when I interrogate data tags with GetAssociation( HANDLE  :HANDLE; index  :INTEGER; VAR associationkind  :INTEGER; VAR value  :INTEGER)


then the following kinds apply (Note index is zero based).


Data tag = 37

Target object = 36


I also noticed if a source object with an association to a target object is copied then the association is lost on the new object which is good.




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I haven't found a way to use any other associations than DeleteDelete and Delete Reset.


If your owner object is your own custom object, you can do the association yourself by having the owner object reset the target object with ResetObj, and by setting the option to reset on move.

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