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wish: constant line weights

Carl Burns


I see a difference in printed line weights between two lines with identical attributes, one angled the other horizontal (or vertical). I see this more with one printer(hp4m) than another(hpdj430).

I recall this as an old topic, and related to the squareness of pixels.

Can this be rectified? Is it a function of drivers, printers, or the base program? Does postscript printing deal with line weights differently?



vwa 9.5w98

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It is a Mac issue, not a VW issue. However, ArchiCAD has always been able to use round pens on Macs, so there are workarounds.

PostScript (or PDF, for that matter) solves it - the trade-off is that transfer modes for layers also go.

Windows systems draw with a round pen from VW - pity about the colours... (darker, even more difficult to control.)

And, indeed, it is also an old issue.

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