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Tolerance dimensions

Heather Carey


We usually dimension drawings with fractions but sometimes there will be details with machining required and I have to have tolenence dims as well. Right now I have to set my tolerence then set the dimension to dual, then turn off the primary dimension and go to the secondary dimension and delete those stupid brackets (I really hate those) ... Why can't I just set the dimension to use the secondary dimension and put in the tolerance?

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We have a very similar problem. As Architects, we typically use "Feet & Inches" for our units, however, for interior cabinet elevations we would like to use the "Inches Only" unit type, as this is the standard for interior elevations. Currently (we are on VW 8.5 still), the only way to acomplish dimensioning a sheet with two different unit types is to use a dual dimension standard, set the primary for feet & inches, and the secondary for inches only. Then as you dimension, you can set some dimensions to show

only the primary and others to display only the secondary.

But the problem with this is that it is more effort to toggle back and forth between primary and secondary in the info palette and to delete those darn brackets from the secondary than it is to just overwrite the dimensions manually using the leader or trailer fields.

Surely NNA could modify the "Layout" pull down menu in the Custom Dimension dialog to allow the user to choose to display only the secondary dimensions, and a check box to turn on or off the brackets around the secondary dimensions.

Please excuse my posting if this feature has been implemented in VW 9, but I'm thinking it has not.

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