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Plugin to generate custom symbols


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Hello everyone, Happy new year!


I feel like ive learned a bit on marionette and i know i still have allot to learn. 


Right now im currently trying to utilise what ive found on here from great examples from people like 'DomC' to make plugins for our practice that helps people generate symbols for their project.


There are a few issues ive found and i really could use some help. 


The idea is that the user drops in the plugin into their active VW doc, it generates a project specific folder for file management then creates a standard 'Black symbol' with IFC attached.


Right now however:


1. Folder generates

2. Symbol is created but it is a 'Blue symbol' for some reason :S ????!

3. It attaches IFC

4. When you create the same symbol name it generates multiple random Blue symbols on the files root resource manager


Beyond this; it would be really cool if we had a pop up dialog node that allows us to have a String, boolean, multiple choice inside one dialog popup instead of having multiple pop ups and if we had the ability to have the plugin activate when you drop it into a file. But i suppose baby steps! Need to get this working first....


Ive attached one plugin ive created and i was hoping to figure this out before i progress with the others.




Plugin to generate symbols.vwx

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