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How you write your code


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I would like to be able to write my code in python with Marionette to develop my Vectorworks tools.


Only I find it difficult to write them in an IDE (PyCharm) which does not necessarily know all the elements of VW

and to copy it in the script editor of VW to test, make modifications and copy it in the IDE again.


Do you have any advice for writing?
How do you do it?
Is it possible to import the Marionette settings into an IDE?


Attached is a picture of my desktop with my windows open.

Thank you for your answers
my greetings to the whole community



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Within VectorWorks\VW28.0.2b(671358)_64\Plug-Ins\Marionette.vwr\Scripts\ (vwr is a zip archive) you can find the Marionette.py

Put this one in the pycharm project and then use import Marionette in the script, then all the errors should dissappear.


The same applies for the vs.py that you can find at the end of this page.

Search for "IDE and Debugging Python Scripts"




Another trick to make development easier is to add the path of your custom node py to the script option (Tools->PlugIns->Scipt options..) and then import the py module into the actial marionette node instead of copying it everytime from the IDE.

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