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  1. quote: Originally posted by lalcaraz: Mike I have read and performed your instructions below and the installation says that it is complete but when I open Vectorworks Spotlight 9, there is not sign of Renderworks. It never even asks for a serial #. Any other ideas. Thanks Lonnie I must first thank Mike for the above information, however, what he did not say was that even when VW9.0 is uninstalled and VW9.0.1 installed, a version of VW9.0 is reinstalled and that is where RW9.0 finds itself as the default program to attach to. In order for RW9.0 to work on VW9.0.1 you must tell it to install in VW9.0.1 during your reinstallation. Thanks again Mike and goodluck Lonnie.
  2. quote: Originally posted by MikeB: What exactly is it not doing. Is the "Final Renderworks" mode available or greyed out. Do you have the option to create new textures. Be sure you have Renderworks installed properly. I use a windows machine at home and I have to say the installation procedure is a little confusing. You need to make sure you install Renderworks inside your VW9 folder for all the pieces to be put in the right place for Renderworks to operate. Also install the newest versions of QuickTime (from Apple) and Open GL (on the VW installation disk as a seperate installation) If you have RW installed properly, the phrase "RENDERWORKS INSTALLED" should appeare on the splash screen when you lauch the program Good Luck Thanks Mike I tried what you said but still did not work. I reinstalled VW9.0 and it works well.On RenderWorks 9.0 it shows "RENDERWORKS INSTALLED" whereas on 9.0.1 nothing is shown. In VW 9.0.1 all the RW mode is greyed out.
  3. I am running VW9.01 on a PC700 under Windows 2000 with 256M memory. Cannot get RenderWorks to work with VW9.01 although it ran well with VW9.0 Any suggestions?
  4. quote: Originally posted by lalcaraz: I am working in a 3D drawing and when I try to apply textures they will not display when rendered. If I try the exact same actions on a 3D object in a new file, it works perfectly. Any ideas I am also having problems rendering after installation of VW9.01. Unable to get Renderworks to work with 9.01. I am using a PC700 with 256M memory. It worked with 9.0. What could be the problem. I tried uninstalling and re-install and still did not work.
  5. quote: Originally posted by carch: Is anyone having problems with v.9.0 and printing or just v.9.0 in general. I am running a P.C. 700Mhz.and have two printers HP650C and Epson 1520. Any drawing that originated with VW9 does not print in Landscape on the HP650 but will print on the Epson. I tried updating the drivers but this did not help. All VW8.5 drawings prints properly whether they were converted to VW9 or not.
  6. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Bell@NNA: Hmm. That doesn't seem to be one of our strings, so it may be put in by the Microsoft compiler. Our product specs specify "A Pentium or greater." The Cyrix 133 isn't a Pentium (Pentiums are specific Intel chips), but the Cyrix is meant to Pentium compatible, I believe, just as Athlons are now. So it seems the intro code the compiler puts into the project isn't recognizing the Cyrix as a Pentium. I don't know what we can do about that -- it would be hard for us even to test a change if we did make one -- but I'll buglist it. In the meantime, you might want to consider looking at (say) the prices on refurbished Dells... (No NNA endorsement of Dell products should be inferred from this, I was just looking at their pages out of my own interest.) Thanks for the tip. For your information, just as I am a devoted VW man, I am also a devoted Cyrix man. I have since upgraded to a Cyrix III - 700Mhz processor and has had no problems in the installation. The price of cyrix CPU's is about 1/4 the cost of either INTEL or AMD.
  7. quote: Originally posted by R. Wingley Jones: I run setup. Everything goes well until I try to run VW9. "This program requires an 80486 or newer processor"
  8. quote: Originally posted by markf: Does this happen during the install or after when you try to run VectorWorks? This happens when I try to run VW9 [This message has been edited by R. Wingley Jones (edited 05-04-2001).]
  9. VW9 does not install properly on my Pentium with Cyrix 133Mhz processor. Error "requires 80486 or higher processor? VW8.5 had no problem
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