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  1. I read that post. Is there a way I can use that Java code to make a tool that uses Illustrator-like bezier curves? I do mostly site work, roads, etc, and I get files from AutoCAD-using consultants with curves. The curves have hundreds of control points on curves that could have 10-15 points. The curves are basically non-editable. I have purchased the plug-ins from Vectorbits, maybe that will help.
  2. New to VW... Those of you with experience here, what do you think the odds are that they will improve their curve drawing tools in the near future? For me this is a huge drawback. Seems like this is a consistent complaint that hasn't been addressed (judging from the previous posts). I'm sure I can draw anything (already designed) with the current curve tools, but I want to be able to interactively make decisions with my drawing tools. And this curve tool is just too "squishy" and/or too laborious. Would be great if someone developed a plug-in that was based on the Adobe bezier tool... AutoCAD doesn't do a bad job with the Polyline Splines, even though I have to redraw them if I go to 3d. I guess that is a trade-off. Mike, the problem for me seems to be that the control point moves, and you don't have both handles on the bezier. I thought before reading this thread that I was just doing something wrong, but now I think the tool is just designed to work that way. I assume it has to do with a choice by the VW folks vis-a-vis computational overhead like someone said before. But, for me, it makes the program almost unusable... Oh well. I'm going to finish this test set of drawings and see if I get better at it.
  3. That was very helpful... I found the answer to my question, I think. What I need to do is copy the viewport on the Sheet Layer, rotate it, and I have my rotated view... So, now I have a top view of the chair in the same orientation as the Design Layer, and another viewport with a view of the chair rotated 90deg. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for your help! I have 2008, but will upgrade soon. I also found a plug-in from a site called Vectorbits that seems to do the same thing...
  5. Hello, I apologize for the newbie questions (I'm trying to migrate from AutoCAD and 3ds), but this user group board has a difficult search engine to use, or I may be using it incorrectly. I search "rotate viewport" and get like 85 pages of responses, and they don't seem to be ranked according to relevance. After looking through 30 or 40 pages... And, there are far fewer 3rd-party posts out there in Google than for 3ds or AutoCAD it seems. I've been searching for this answer for over 2 hours now. Makes for a looong learning curve. Is there a more intelligent way to search this board? Anyway, I simply need to know how to rotate objects within a viewport (2D). Or is that even possible in VW? I want to use one 2D object (a chair) on a Design Layer, and see it from the Top view at 0deg and 90deg in different viewports on one sheet... Thank you!
  6. Hello, Is there any way to hide the visibility of a class by clicking on the object of that class. For example, in AutoCAD, I had a script where I could click on a circle, type LF (Layer Freeze) and it would freeze that entire layer. Any similar operation in VW? Thanks! WJustice
  7. I typed in the serial from the box... The one it auto-filled in was an E serial. That is likely the problem.
  8. it automatically filled in the serial number when i put the DVD in it. The box has an A serial number. Not sure about the one it filled in. I'll run the DVD and see.
  9. Series A130. I have the Educational Version installed. I am a university professor. But, I need a copy for a professional project now. I guess I don't need the Educational Version installed... Is that the problem?
  10. I am trying to install my new software from the DVD out of the box and I keep getting the error: cannot open MacAppE.zip and it quits. Intel-based Powerbook Pro, 2gigs RAM, plenty of HD space, drive Mac formated. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the help!!! Very much appreciated.
  12. Hello, I am trying to evaluate VW as a possible replacement for AutoCAD, which i know quite well. I've got a copy at school and have been playing around with it. The drawing tools seem easy enough, but can't figure out exactly how the drawings are supposed to be organized. Could someone post a sample file that I could look at that has several drawing sheets laid out? Maybe a small building or site plan with a couple of detail sheets, preferably something simple, not BIM driven, if that is possible. I just want to see how a basic file is set up. That would be extremely helpful figuring out how classes and layers work, and how you do things like set up different sheets to print, etc. Thanks, Wade
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