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  1. hi there i'm having a few printing problem. 1.when i export to pdf hatches dont export. 2. when i print as pdf the hatches/patterns become thick black lines or very pixilated. 3. A0 pages open empty in print shops (i tried 3) but open fine on my computer. however pages up to A1 open fine in print shops. 3. can anyone recommend a pdf creator for mac so i can hopefully print to pdf more successfully? thanks a lot
  2. hey, I can't find the "move page tool" icon on my file when im trying to export a pdf. I know it has to do with the scale of the drawings but the scale is right and i simply cant find the page tool.....please help thanks
  3. crinno

    Printing A0

    pat you are an absolute life saver!!you've made my day,thanks so much!
  4. crinno

    Printing A0

    thanks. I will try and set up a large format printer. unfortunately when i export to pdf the quality is really unacceptable particularly with curved lines. thanks
  5. crinno

    Printing A0

    vectorworks 12.5. When i export A3 as pdf the quality is usually ok. however to export A0 the quality of curved lines print completely crooked etc and unacceptable quality.Does anyone else have this problem? so i print as pdf...however it prints in 16 pages instead of 1 page despite the page setup being set to A0. Is this because i only have an A3 printer driver setup on my computer (i save as pdf and print in a shop etc)not an A0? thanks so much....hope you can help my nightmare
  6. thanks pat, well i have an improvement from 25 pages to 2!! still cant get one page for some reason. would i need to install a postscript printer that has the capabilities of printing large format because my printer installed on my computer only prints max A3..(i print elsewhere) thanks
  7. hi, i want to print and then save as pdf...however i can only save an A1 sheet in 25 separate sheets?why can't I save as one sheet?i'm using version 12.5 thanks
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