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  1. same problem here. please help us! i have a minicad 6 file and i want to open it in vectorworks. please help.
  2. I?m running my system on pc not mac
  3. but the files in the zip direcotry is 0 bytes and cant execute. my file is not demo.mcd.txt its *.mcd weird!
  4. please explain i dont understand....
  5. what kind of files is that? hmmmm no exe file. seems to damaged.
  6. I have a cd with very old files i tried open. nu success. I guess i have to fint a tool to save it in minicad 7 and then import to vectorworks. Where can i find such tool? i downloaded many prorams but they seems to be scam. download file: www.vexers.se/demo.mcd
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