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  1. I have prepared revised sheets for a project and I want to provide issue data. I need to change the issue number and want to set it to manual entry? as there is a numbering error. I see in the help menu I need to change the document option pane? from auto numbering to manual. Where do I find the "option Pane" to change to manual entry? thanks lm
  2. Bob, Thanks for the comment. The worksheet already has a comment column. I just am not able to save any text (comments) in the cells associated with comment column? I will play around with it a little more... thanks, lm
  3. I am unable to add a comment to the Landscape area worksheet and am using the pre formatted version with a comment section? I would like to add text information. Thanks, lm
  4. OK. I did have the page print area set correctly! An over sight on my part...
  5. I am having an issue with text scaling. I have a design layers set to 1:100. I have created viewport at a scale of 1:200 on sheet layers. When using callouts and general notes, they are not scaling to sheet layers and I am not able to change the text scale? I am using VW2019. I am trying to place notes on my sheet layers at a text Style Notes 12pt? thanks.
  6. I want to install the latest SP1. When I try to installI get a message to quit VW's. How do i install the SP1? Thanks, lm
  7. Thank you vey much for your assistance. I am not sure why, but deleted the sheet and recreated it. It seemed to work fine after that.? thanks, lm
  8. Callout Tool not working properly. I cannot place a keynote with tex. The key note shows the number but text body does not show up? Why? thanks, lm
  9. Jim , I quit VW several times and seems to be working now. Not sure what happened... tha ks, lm
  10. Jim, Thank you for your help. I have visibility set to show snap modify others but still cannot view plug in objects? Any other suggestions?
  11. I have inserted a toilet plug in object. It seems to insert correctly initially showing along the wall as expected. However, It will disappear and I am not able to force select or select the object? Not sure Why? When I place my cursor over the object I get a shadow of the object which is greyed out? Why. thanks, lm
  12. I wanted to create a new title block in 2018. I used a default standard, "My Custom Title Block". I made changes to the title block using "edit style" in the O.I.P. The edited version of the custom tilted block is available in the document . However, when I open a new document and select my custom title block the revised version is not available? I am only able to select the original default version. I thought that if I made changes to the "style" the changes would be saved to be used in other documents? What am I missing. thanks,
  13. alfresco


    I have it now. I closed and rebooted vectorworks. Thakjs..
  14. alfresco


    I am trying to open a new library download...Royal botania. There is a series of furniture lines. I am unable to view? I have typed into the search bar royal botania? What m I missing? Thanks
  15. alfresco


    I have downloaded some subscription libraries. I am only getting zNested Textures and not symbols in Resource Manager? Why am I not getting the symbols? thanks
  16. I cannot insert a stair into a drawing using any of the stair tools. This has never happened before? Any explanation why? thanks, lm
  17. It was a corrupt hardscape element. Not sure why?
  18. This is in a particular file I am working on . I just tried in a new file and I was able to create a PDF thanks
  19. I am unable to create a PDF. VW2018 just freezes? aAny suggestions? Thanks
  20. For what ever reason things were just not working. I rebooted and is working fine. cheers
  21. alfresco


    2018VW How to align pavers? Any suggestions? Attribute Mapping? thanks
  22. Perhaps I am trying an inappropriate short cut. I have a know elevation at the proposed building. I want the slope to fall away from the point. I want to show drain locations and thought that perhaps I could use the slab drain tool to calculate the elevation of the drain given a specified slope percentage? Perhaps I am not thing ing this through! I do not have a site model and have limited data, but really this is just a parking lot with a simple drain configuration, thanks, lm
  23. I have a know elevation at at corner of a structure which will be my maximum elevation. I want to calculate the elevation of a drain in an adjacent parking area. If I am specifying a 2% grade can vectorworks calculate the drain height? thanks
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