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  1. As far as I know the folders and executables have not been renamed; the folder is named "VectorWorks 12.5.0" and the exe "VectorWorks.app". The install was created on one master disk and then cloned out to each client, so they should all be the same. No doubt people around the office have attempted to reinstall Vectorworks and the updates themselves, but they have failed at it too (I keep getting emails about it).
  2. Hi All, We're trying to update machines running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 from VectorWorks 12.5.0 to 12.5.3. All users are network clients to Mac OS X Server 10.5.2 with network home folders. Every time we go through the installation process, when asked to choose an existing VectorWorks folder the installer always responds with a message saying "You have not selected a location containing a copy of VectorWorks to be updated". The 12.5 copy we have installed works normally (apart from the bugs that 12.5.3 is supposed to fix, i.e. being able to see lines etc.). I've repaired permissions, cleared and ACLs on /Applications and /Library, tried the big 12.5.x to 12.5.3 update as well as the smaller version and also tried to update to just 12.5.2 first. None of these work, all responding with the same error. Any ideas? Is it possible to do the install by hand (copy individual files)? At least then I could script it and roll it out across the network. Why on earth is this install process so painful, particularly for network admins? The dongles weren't enough punishment? Sam


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