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  1. I'm looking for sketch styles. Can any one help
  2. mfundo

    help needed

    Unfortunately the polys will be changing
  3. mfundo

    help needed

    i need help on a drawing...i have about 92 polygons with different shape and sizes, i hav created a record format to gave each polygon, a number and location, I need the area on the object info-shape pallate to be automatically uploaded on the record format on the object info-data so i don't have manually type it in...is this possible
  4. i need to learn to write scripts quickly. Where should I start?
  5. mfundo

    Changing VW Plugin Objects

    what's the best way of learning Vectorscript so I can create my own
  6. mfundo

    Script or something like it

    thanx I thought a script could be written for it. The problem is that we try to be desciplened with classes in our office(as we use them to control and manage our drawings) but sometimes poeple just forget so to make things simple i thought it could be done.
  7. mfundo

    Script or something like it

    I'm not quite familiar with writing script, can anyone help write a script which automatically assigns all text to a particular class (like dimensions which are assigned to the dimension class or any other predetermined class by default)...or do I even need a scipt for this?


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