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  1. Robert What we need is a series of symbols - I have many and would be willing to send them to you - that could have records attached to them. It would be handy to be able to place and rotate the symbol into place with one click. We need to be able to switch from one symbol to another easily. ie - from a quarter circle to full circle, or from a 15' spray to a 30' rotor - then there needs to be a script that would read the gpm that is assigned to each sprinkler and that would tabulate gpm as selected and using a greater than or less than concept to assign pipe sizes. Many of the irrigation companies will supply data bases with the information on their equipment that could be used to automate the process. I am a firm believer in not automating things such as sprinkler placement or pipe routing. The last pipe on the zone could have a zone id tag that could be accessed by a valve command to place a valve sized by manual parameters. All symbols must be dxf export friendly - the present ones are not. There are many more things, but this would help. [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  2. And please make improvements to the irrigation module. Many of us live and die by irrigation
  3. Add these to the wish list. When creating symbols, Place the full symbol in a landscape class. The symbols now are in the 'none' class. To be able to segregate them, they must be edited. Second, an easier to use ID tool. I listed this above. It is easier to manully label plants then use the provided tool. thks
  4. Thom


    I know this is a basic question, but what are loci and what is their function. There seem to be little written about them. thks
  5. Another item - would it be possible to provide symbols in such a way that the user could manually select the size for the symbol. ie. The same symbol could be used for a 3' shrub or a 10' tree? thks
  6. Robert I find the plant placement tool combursume at best. It does not show the plant symbol at the proper size when placing plants so one does not know how far one is from another plant. It is hard to do large ground cover beds and get the proper spacing between rows, one can not then change to a single plant placement without starting over, therefore the ID tool will not register correctly because the plant symbols will not be in the same group. Suggestion - How about a road trip by you or someone in charge of Landmark to at least major areas of use by LA's to hold a forum about what improvements are needed to make this a truely superior product. I for one would travel 150 mi to Seattle to participate. thks
  7. Thom

    Counting symbols

    The problem is the create report command does not let one select the symbols to be counted. It wants to count the total dwg. not just one planting bed
  8. Now that the honeymoon is over and the programers should be hard at the next version, let's start giving input for the Landmark wishlist. (1)Letting the user select between multiple plant placement, single plant, etc. without interupting the grouping, (2)Have a id tool that would total selected highlighted plant symbols, Not be dependent on groups. (3)Pipe sizing tool and more flexiblity with irrigation head placement. I live and die by irrigation.
  9. Wish for many things, but in the short term, (1)Letting the user select switch between multiple plant placement, single plant, etc. without interupting the grouping, (2)Have a id tool that would total selected highlighted plant symbols, (3)Pipe sizing tool and more flexiblity with irrigation head placement.
  10. Thom

    Counting symbols

    Frank I understand the normal way this should be done. Just is not fast enough for large beds. Is there a work around to just to get the count on a series of highlighted symbols that I can then manually label?
  11. Since I have installed my symbols differently than the proper methodology, is there away to highlight a planting bed and get a symbol count?
  12. Frank I have filled out the plant record field and inserted a 1 in the quantity field.
  13. Frank When creating large ground cover beds - 50, 100 plants or more I will often times place one symbol and wrap the bed with a polyline and tile the symbol or place 6 - 10 symbols in a pattern and use the copy command to place them faster. If I selected all the similar symbols and grouped them, should the ID command label them. I have not been able to get this to work. thksThom
  14. Is there away to highlight a series of similar plant symbols and use one of the labeling commands to automatically add the plants and create one label with the number of plants and selected information? This is a basic command need for LA's.
  15. All you complainers need to try someonelse's product. VW 9 is very some running compared to others I have used.
  16. All you LA's who need irrigation automation, give me your feedback. I am going to attempt to learn Vectorscript to write a pipe sizing routine. I have the basic methodology I think will work well with VS - just need to write the script - or if you are versed in VS let me know. thksThomtvetter@wenval.com [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  17. There are a couple places on the web where one can get an Acrobat printer driver for free. It works just the same as a plotter driver. I have one, but cannot remember where I download it from. A web search would probably locate the sites.
  18. I will be building a new computer based on either a P3 / P4 or AMD processor in the near future. What are the recommended video cards that seem to work well. thks
  19. Frank How about creating a professional training series for Landscape Architects. I would like additional trainig, but do not need the architectural emphasis of the normal series. thks
  20. Thom


    Frank How about doing a live tutorial over the internet where subscribers could log on and watch you demonstrate tasks live on screen. I have seen this done with other software. It would be a big help to many of us and help us have more positive results with Landmark. It should not be hard to setup a series of lessons. This could also be done in a manner that would allow remote downloading of video's for later viewing. thks Thom
  21. The fill border command works great except it does not allow for blanking out the drawing under the title block. Is there away to do this? thks
  22. Dan I have used Landcadd and autocad since ver. 10. Yes I have found bugs and shortcomings with Landmark, but nothing I could not work around. Tech support is awesome. I have gotten to know some of them very well. Much of this is do to the transition from autocad to VW. Like night and day. Any new version ( heck even the bug fixes) of Landcadd comes with more bugs and cumbersome command structures than VW/Landmark. I am PC based and do have problems with the large files and have had printing problems only once. If you want give me your email address or phone and we can discuss Landmark more easly. tvetter@wenval.com quote: Originally posted by DBL: Dear Tvetter; I've purchased Landmark but have been reading horror stories about inability to print and the usual technical glitches that are to be expected in a new product. I'm afraid to install until there is a downloadable patch to address those problems. I don't have Vectorworks 9 for that reason, as well. Years ago I used a CAD program that would go completely off. I still have drawings that I did with it that I can open but can't modify or correct. Hundreds of hours of work that had to be redone. So, what is your experience with Landmark? Since it comes with an embedded form of Vectorworks 9.0 does it come with the problems? From the other side of the Cascade Curtain. Dan B. [This message has been edited by tvetter (edited 08-31-2001).]
  23. Switch from autocad / Landcadd to Landmark this year. Will not go back, this is a far superior progam even in its infancy. ecoPlan & Design Wenatchee, WA [This message has been edited by tvetter (edited 08-30-2001).]
  24. Thom

    Thanks Frank

    Frank How about some Landmark seminars? Perhaps interactive by computer link? thks [This message has been edited by tvetter (edited 08-31-2001).]
  25. Thom


    Are there symbols for zone valves, manual valves, etc. in Landmark. I have not been able to find any. thks
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