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  1. Removing preferences did not make a difference for me either. I continue to experiment and find that on some of my existing files that both rulers have hatch patterns, on some just the top ruler does, and yet on others both rulers are just fine. On some files the drag box is invisible but on others there is a dashed line. I hope someone from NNA is reading these posts.
  2. fry, I printed one of my files, not big file like Bob's, mine are usually only 25MB or so. It looks just fine from my color laser. I am lucky, I never use hatches or patterns as fills, almost always solids for 2D with image textures for 3D rendering. That seems to work ok as far as I have gone. About you going back to Tiger, I think a sure way would be to back up all your data files on another hard disk and erase your Mac disk and start Tiger with clean install. That should be he worst case. Let's hope VW makes the fixes in VW 12.5 for Leopard instead.
  3. Yes Bob, I saw that. Also look at the patterns pallete, the first half of them seem to be missing.
  4. Bob at GDA. I am also a user since Minicad circa 1990. Here is a little more info. After an hour and a half with Leopard and VW 12.5.2 I have found a couple of concerns. On some of my files the ruler at the top of screen shows a pattern or hatch that covers the values. The left ruler is ok and on some the top ruler is ok as well. Also troubling is when drawing the created line is intermittent and nearly invisible at times. When you release the mouse it is just fine. For instance when drag drawing a rectangle the far sides do not show or at times show as fine dotted lines as you drag. Also Renderworks seems to work well in all my projects that I have checked. I design cabins and interior built-in furniture by the way.
  5. Received Leopard family pack this morning and I just installed it on one of my Macs, a 24" iMac. I have opened several of my VW Archi 12.5.2 files. They open and look the same as in Tiger. Of course I have not checked everything in the half hour I have been looking at it. I will post any problems I encounter over the next day or two. I will not install Leopard in the other Macs until I am comfortable with how it works. I will say I am very impressed with how smoothly the installation of Leopard went. 48 minutes and so far have found everything I have looked at work just fine.
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