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  1. Thanks B, i'll try the bridge line again but it didn't work on dimension lines before. maybe i missed something. regards ts
  2. hi folks, i was wondering if it possible to place a brake in a dimension line where one dimension line crosses another? thanks ts
  3. hi there, i need to design a cantilevered walkway. its got to be about 3m long and 1m wide. the 3m side is against a wall so the overhang is only 1m. the wall is a standard stud partition wall like you would find in most houses but i cant use it to support any weight. i can however have a structure behind the wall that can be bolted to the floor. can anyone advise me as to how deep that structure should be? i have attached a basic side elevation. thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Ray, thats what i mean. i created the symbol in front view and i want to place it in front view but it just flips to plan...
  5. Hi again, sorry this took awhile. for some reason i couldn't get to the forum all of last night and today. a short description of the problem is on the drawing.
  6. i will post a file when i get home. i use a mac at home and a windows machine at work which i would have no idea of the specs.
  7. Hi there, Recently I have been using symbols that I created a few months ago. My problem is when I go to place them on a drawing, say in front view, the symbol will appear in top/plan view. I know I have created the symbol in the view that I want it to be in and I have even recreated the symbol and it still places it in the wrong view. any ideas what im doing wrong? thanks ts
  8. legend....thanks for your help Guy. worked a treat. no idea what that closed box is for but i'll look into it Thanks aswell Ray, you were right the, fill had nothing to do with it. and you showed me a couple of things i didn't know... appreciated
  9. thanks guy's... working from the original file, there are only 4 objects. i combine all the corners like ray said. works great. but it converts the lines into polylines. i want to convert the lines into a single solid polygon. to give me the same results as it would if i just drew a rectangle and extruded it by 12mm.
  10. I had this issue, this may not be your problem but it worked for me. i am using a logitec nano mouse that has a scroll wheel that if you press it down you can change it to freewheel or step mode. when it was in freewheel and i zoomed in or out the drawing would be all over the place. bits would dissapear, zooming into a line i would end up with a inch thick pixelated stripe across my monitor. thought it was my graphics card that couldnt handle vector works. worth checking:)
  11. ok i got it. when i go to use the paint bucket to fill for the polygon i needed to have the solid fill option on in the attributes pane. my bad...thanks for your help:)
  12. Hi Ray thanks, i'm still getting weird results. connecting the corners kind of worked. i want to make it into a polygon as opposed to polylines so i can extrude it into a solid object. when i went through your suggestions i got this... open and render in openGL then 3d flyover...
  13. Im trying to extrude this shape. Its just two arc's joined by two lines. when i go to convert it to a polygon with the paint bucket mode it wont do anything. tried makeing other shapes and filling them with p/bucket and they work fine. is it something to do with the arc?
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