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  1. On a Mac I hold down the apple (command) key and press .
  2. I've always used the "3-view" method for aligning 3d objects but am now trying the above suggestion and it seems to be a great help, although I've only tried with simple situations. Thanks for your help. Guy Stevens
  3. Could anyone tell me if there are plans to incorporate any kind of virtual prototyping into VW. By that I mean the ability to add 3d constraints to a mechanism and then animate the design on screen to show the the collision points. I know of other PC based software that has this capability but would prefer to stay with VW. Many Thanks
  4. Yes I also have problems with object snapping in 3D. I find it frustrating that you have to change views to get objects into the correct alignment. Why when in ISO view can I not snap to object corners, for instance. Does anyone know if there are plans to rectify this problem? GW
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