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  1. Texts are still changing size when exported to .dwg for autocad users reading my file. Mostly getting longer in overall length. Different fonts have different sizes they stretch to... any thoughts on how to get around this?
  2. The black drawing was only my own view from e-drawings. This is pretty much what the exported dwg looks like when they open it in AutoCad. I tried to attach the dwg file here. I took out the titleblock etc (client discretion please)... How do I get this dwg as a part of the reply...? grrr My groups were turning into blocks in AC, I realize this now, I will work around this. The text distortion is the real problem. When I open this dwg again in VWs it looks fine! Thanks for all input.
  3. I guess no one has any suggestions. The biggest problem is the text changing shape and size. Ariel does not look like ariel once opened in Autocad. I forgot to say above I use Vectorworks 12.5.
  4. Peter, perhaps we can discuss (In Swedish) dwg issues over the phone,I need help with dwg translation also. I live in Svalov. br, Cecilia
  5. I use WV 12.5 (on Mac X) and export dwgs to a firm I consult for. They use autocad 2006 and 2007 (on PC) . I have learned to adapt to all their layers (classes) colors, thicknesses etc and export dwg files with the master "modelspace" I have drawn as well as sheetlayers with viewports with annotations. We are happy thusfar. However, we do still have some problems when they need to quickly update a file made originally by me. Once the dwg is opened in autocadd this happens: - my text, ariel narrow, looks longer/stretched/bigger when they get it. - they may not exchange one of their "bolcks" for a symbol I have used, the one they insert is only replaced by the one I already have there. (ex titleblock with text that is too big) - some of my grouped objects (lines mostly) when clipped and pasted in/out from this dwg loose details on the way. - some cirles/arcs turn into small chopped up lines.. What can I do? Shall I avoid symbols? Dosen?t sound right.. What type of font corresponds best to Ariel narrow in autocad? Or rather what font really looks the same in both VW and AC? See attached for text issue. Thanks for all help! (I had a subtle threat of having to get a pc with AC..)
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