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  1. Hi, Iv been having similar issues to CS1 and just wonder whether there is an ETA on the fix. Ive attached a file that Im working on and I wonder if anyone can help.

    Ive created a database worksheet and really need the text to wrap to the width of my cells and the row heights adjust accordingly. If I increase the height of the cells manually they all get bigger and the database wont fit on my page.

    Can anyone help or advise on this please.

  2. Hi,

    Im not sure if anyone has requested this as a wishlist item but I think it would be great if there were better 3d snap tools in VW. Snapping that allowed you to select a point, face, centre of a face, etc in 3d mode. I currently find snapping in 3d fiddley and inaccurate.


  3. Hi,

    Im running VW2008 Fundamentals and Im looking for an exchange plugin for VW to export a 3d file that will be compatible with Autodesk 3d Studio Viz (3ds or MAX. I downloaded an exchange plugin for C4D which works like a charm and found one for exporting a 3ds file at the same time but it give me the following error message every time I try to set it up in my workspace ;

    "the following plugins are not in the plugins folder: Renderworks Camera Bulb Flat.

    Does anyone know where I can download / purchase a plugin from that will work with 2008 Fundamentals.

    Thanks in advance

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