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  1. I'm missing something here I think. I had the impression that VW9 is a pay-for upgrade to VW8.5, and I certainly could not see a downloadable updater. Can you point me at it?
  2. Brian, Like chris.j. I find that this turns out not to be the case....I also have the problem and tested your proposal with a short pathname and no spaces in it. I also observe Within VW, attempt to open file. In file dialog box, right click and get file properties - Read only flag is set - unset it. Right click again on properties, checking that read only flag IS unset. Now select open file. At this point I see the -49 message. Now, try File menu open file again. In the dialog box right click on the same file. The read only flag IS SET AGAIN. How can attempting to open a file set the read only flag when the file is stored on an AppleShare server and not on any other backing storage? This is NOT a pathname lenght issue, whatever it is. Something else is going on. Your workaround is what we have been doing here, but it is unsatisfactory in an NT based shared machine environment. [This message has been edited by Peter (edited 03-13-2001).] I've been watching but nothing is added to this thread. Is anyone who knows anything watching? This issue is a *big* one for us. [This message has been edited by Peter (edited 03-21-2001).]


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