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  1. 9 minutes ago, grant_PD said:

    Renderworks is not going to use your graphics card.  It will use your RAM and your processor.  That may be the culprit if you are:

    Trying to render something with too much complexity (too many polygons)

    Trying to render something at too high of a resolution

    Those are just guesses.  Not sure what you are trying to render and how complex or large it is.  I'd scale back to a very easy test file and see if the problem persists.

    I just created simpliest 3D object as sphere and rendering is not possible....!

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  2. Hi,

    it's all about renderworks 2017 - everything in vectorworks 2017 works fine, even in open GL, but it losts totally (crashes) when try to render in mode from fast, custom, artistic to final.... I run it as administrator, nvidia drivers renewed (NVIDIA GeForce 540M), windows rebooted, antivirus shut down... strange is that image props are shown (filled) in openGL as black images... Any clues? tried also mess with settings of graphic card (didn't get correct solution)...  


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  3. Struggled with my SM all the weekend, which is quite complicated now, I noticed few things:

    - the SM has some limit with pads, after exceeding it crushes (in my case, it happens when it loses the texture)

    - sometimes decreasing = deleting the number of gardes around pads (the blue line boundary) let my add more pads

    - on this level of complication adding even simple road nurb or landscpe wall as site modifier crushes the SM

  4. I haven't had problems with stipple as yet. I find them very useful for good graphic representation with just few clicks:)

    Thank you guys for putting me on the right track with pads command. I don't find NURBS roads function useful anymore! And I don't understand the need for using it, cause it takes more time to create it and it doesn't give the proper effect, especially with slope and grades:( SITE MODIFIER tool turning to PADS and with given grade limit is really the best option ever, gives the control on what and how should be modified in the DTM model. I haven't tried this on intersections yet but I will let you know.

  5. Hi,

    I have this (attach. 1 - 3D view) and I need this (att.2 - 2D plan view). Simply, I have a complex SM, where I've put few roads (from roadway NURBS tool, so the DTM was modified) but now I need to create curve junction between them. The problem is that both roads have pads, and of course any connection between them shows INTERSECTING PADS and SM crushes:( Any suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Thank you! But in comparison to the mesh smoothing, drape surface and finally nurbs surface is best looking possible I think (smoothest surface). In that case I even prefer to add each plant individually, putting each Z coordinate for the plant (time consuming but looks natural to me). I just grouped all (five) of my site models. I've found out that it prevents from asking me every time I had put or modified each plant (it shows: choose site model). When you have plenty of plants it is very irritating. It is all because one site model wouldn't present the complicated terrain I needed ( a sample in attachment).

    Maybe next time I'll try your way of dealing with DTM - especially in large scale projects:) So, thank you very much!

  7. Thanks, I've already seen this but I thought there might be some kind of workaround... (which we are used to:) Whatever, if it works on windows 7 32-bit what is the point of having 8GB RAM when, as far as I know, it uses only 3,4GB, like win XP? Dissapointed! So many options in rendering that mostly there was a window showing "lack of memory" during my work. And if I want to change on more RAM it isn't possible??

  8. Now I see - probably this is the problem because I use the place plant tool and inside it the 3d image prop (even when the cross planes is off it shows the improper rendering). When I use just 3d image prop it is ok. It looks like a bug to my. Placing plants in 2D and then creating seperate 3d props in 3D plane is a huge waste of time:( Maybe in 2012 it is solved... Anyway, thanks for help!

  9. Hi!

    Could anyone help me with the plant texture and proper settings to receive and cast light in Final Quality Rendering? I use image prop for the plant texture composed with 2 images (second photo is used as mask for the first one - to seperate the good part). In the texture settings the function crossed planes is turned off and reflectivity is turned to none. The same problem is when I use a simple image prop with one photo and the mask is with transparent color background; everything is ok when vectorwork plant is used. Any ideas to make the texture rendering without shade line in the center would be much appreciated:) Janusz

  10. Hi!

    I would much appreciate some help with exporting my work with simple opacity given (by the Attributes Palette). It is a 2D Top/plan view and the best file format would be an image file or at least pdf file (but image file gives me more possibilities:) There are 2 trials with export command below: 1- export image file .jpeg format (the object is gone?) 2 - export to .pdf file (the colours are different/ faded than on my display) 3 - the real look of the object at on screen. And how to preserve the exact look like it is on my display?

    Should be very easy but...

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi!

    I have a sample file from Xfrog Flowers vol.2 which wasn't attached to VW2008 Landmark library and the plant is in .xfr and 3ds extensions with tiff textures. Does anyone know if I can open it in VW? I have tried import 3ds file and it works but without textures - it doesn't display them at all, everything is grouped in 3d polygons... does it mean the xfrog plants were specially converted to suit VW?

  12. I think the settings are ok because VW creates the appropriate settings automatically when the 3D symbol (image prop) is pluged-in (mask transparency etc.). I have only SP3 (Build 88670)applied - I don't think the previous service packs are necessary...

  13. Other people tried to put some image props and render it when lit fog (or any other kind of fog) was turn on and didn't see any proplems (one of them is using VW 12 and the other VW2009). I am using VW2008 version...so maybe that is the problem... any suggestions?

  14. Hi!

    Is it possible to create a road-path from polyline tool (with Arc vertex mode) and to keep the 3d road smooth afterwards, not like in the picture (doesn't look nice) or how to hide the black line which goes through the roadway NURBS in the center of it?

  15. Of course, I've tried that. But please consider the fact that even when I delete the light completely and create background with groung fog, for example, it's the same situation, so perhaps it is more with the texture being displayed improperly ...?

    Unfortunately the thread pasted above confirms that and suggests a bug here.

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