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  1. Yeah I would like the annotated info to be live, so if I add lines to the Sectional VP they will also show in the detail VP
  2. Am I missing something: There is the "Steel Section" tool which creates a 2D section of a beam (250UB33) etc. And theres the "Framing Member" tool, that is 3D but when you cut a section it is just a rectangle. Please tell beam there is a beam tool that does both!!! (A 3D beam that when it is cut (section) looks like a beam)
  3. Cool, I was hoping thou that info I drew into the Annotation Area of the Section viewport wouldnt have to be redrawn in the larger scale copy of the VP.
  4. If you have a sectional VP is it possible to create a viewport of that cross section at a different scale to create "live" details?
  5. With the "clip" tool you can clip by either a rectangle, polygon or circle. Can you clip using an existing shape? Say if you have 20 2D shapes and a complicated polygon over top, rather than having to trace the complicated polygon with the clip tool you could just select the polygon and go clip. I no there is the clip surface tool, but this seems more orientated towards only having 2 objects selected, I just tried with mulitple objects and the program timed-out.
  6. I have seen the instructions on how to create hatches but im sure it can be made 100X easier. Having the ability to draw what you want and then drag a box over the area to be repeated would be simpler.
  7. Thanks for that Jonathan. Does vectorworks not come with this tool? Its such a useful tool I thought there would have been something similar already installed with VW.
  8. For some reason my "select similar/magic wand" tool has stopped working for viewports. I have set it to recognose "object type" only and it works for all objects except DLVPs, no message comes up, just when I click on a DLVP it doesnt select that VP or any othe VP on the page.
  9. What is the difference between Custom Selection and Custom Modification? They both seem to operate the same: > enter the criteria > click OK objects are selected and info for all shown in OIP.
  10. No just the same as others.
  11. I have a "roof face" the roof face and the embedded object are in the same class and all the objects attributes are set to "class attributes". In 3d view > openGL the roof appears fine with the correct texture and line weights, in plan view in a viewport the roof looks fine with the correct class overrides for fill and line types. In the SLVP in elevation views it is like the roof has 50% opacity because I can see objects behind the roof but grey instaed of black. I have checked that there are no opacity settings that have been missed but all appears good. In fact is it even possible to make a "roof" opaque in elevation? PS the render mode for the SLVP elevations is "unshaded polygons"
  12. I think its good for rotated plan view but when you rotate the rectangle itself the width and height should reflect its actual orientation on the page and not just reflect what it was like when it was first created.
  13. Yeah I would have expected it to come up with a message saying that shourtcut was already in use, oh well.
  14. PS i used the "1" on the left side of the keyboard, not on the numeric keypad
  15. I just edited my workspace > menus > and gave the menu item "compose" a shortcut key of "Ctrl+1" When I exited I tried the shortcut but instead of composing an object it just zooms my screen in. Anyone know why this is?
  16. Yeah my intention was to only have one embedded object but I needed to exit to check a measurement, now I am no longer able to delete the 2nd polygon since they have been converted to 1 polyline
  17. Is this a bug: I have a "floor object" I double click on the "floor" to edit the embedded object (a polygon), I offset the polygon say 100mm. There are now 2 polygons embedded. I need to exit the "floor" to check a measurement, when I enter the "floor again the 2 polygons have converted to one polyline, and I am unable to seperate it back into 2 polygons.
  18. Why cant you use the show/snap/modify layers option in stack mode?
  19. When you have multiple objects selected you are able to hold "shift" and deselect certain objects, however if you hold "shift" and try to deselct a dimension it doesnt work. Is this a bug?
  20. So what happens if you want to show 2 identical DLVPs on a SLVP and then have class overrides for one DLVP only?
  21. Is there any plans to make it possible to dash extrusions? I cant get my head around the fact that there are so many functions and objects you can create in 3D, eg extrude along path, sprials and helix, drape surface and numerous other functions... but they have a huge draw back not being able to show them on your plan as dashed. The idea of having to "convert copies to line/polygons" for so many things just to show them as dashed is beyond me. I dont know a thing about programing but after looking at what is possible in VW, surely it isnt that hard to make it possible to dash extrusions???
  22. Ah ha thanks for that Islandmon.
  23. Is anyone else having the following problem. Occasionally when I minimize my VW application or use the "show desktop" on the XP tool bar, some VW pallettes stay visible on the desktop. It doesnt seem to be the same pallette each time and doesnt happen every time.
  24. In plan view we can show selected layers and classes as grey. In 3D we can show selected layers as grey. Why cant we show classes grey in 3D???
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