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  1. So Jeffrey what tool should I use to create a "C" channel at an angle to horizontal? When I tried the "steel C section joist" I could get the size I wanted but when I went to rotate it I got the message: "This operation only works on hybrid objects in plan projection". I can have a "rafter" at an angle but cant get the coreect size.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a mono-pitch roof, this happens to be the case for the job I am working on at the moment. I have "fitted" the walls to the mono-pitch roof but now going to be using flat ceiling so I need all my walls back at one stud height. Dont know of a quick way to do this.
  3. I would like it if after a wall has been "fit to roof" if it could be undone. Or if aftr a wall has ben "fit to roof" the lower hieght and upper height were displayed in the OIP so at least it could be manually reverted. What are people doing at the moment? As far as I can see the two options are: redraw the walls or manually select each wall and use the 3D locis to drag the points down. (great for large plans)
  4. Yeah thanks for that "AllYourBase" this is the method I have been using at the moment but it requires having two instances of the same object, one 2D and one 3D, any change to one needs to be redone to the other. The direction of CAD is draw it once in my view.
  5. Im pretty sure if you recalculate one worksheet all worksheets recalculate. But it means you first have to select the worksheet. When you have a plan containing multiple VPs it can sometimes be cumbersum trying to locate the DL where the worksheets is turning its class on and recalculating. I would like it if there was a menu command to recalculate all worksheets.
  6. If you have a DLVP with say just one line on it and you then draw another line over the DLVP so it appears you have two lines crossing each other like an "X", if you use the trim tool on that line it simply cuts it, it doesnt recognize the DLVP object. I would like it if you could trim 2D objects to 2D objects in a DLVP. Hope that makes sense.
  7. It would be good if the break line could be "trimmed/cut" to 2D objects that it crosses, just like the line tool can be trimmed when it crosses another line. I would also like it if I could set the length of the break line from the OIP.
  8. (Another issue: those red squares in the image above have 50% opacity on screen but when exported as a JPG they appear like that)
  9. Thanks Jeffrey the image you attached is how I understood the "fit to roof" command to work, I have attached an image showing what is actually happening in this file. (In your image the wall joins fits to the underside of the roof, in mine the walls is for some reason fitting to the upper surface of the roof)
  10. Fantastic just what I need! Thanks. So what about a customized shape... what if I made an odd shape (not a beam) how would I show this as dashed for floor plan? I have been using extrusions but these cant be dashed so no good for plans. Am I using the right tool?
  11. I am just developing a basic model of a house. I have created a texture whiich is basically "grid colour" with grey and black. As you can see in openGL from some angles the vertical lines are doubled up, but in final quality rendreworks it appears fine. I have checked that there are no "double" objects which may cause this. Can anyone help?
  12. Jeffrey I notice that you can dash the pillar object as well, this would be great for beams, I just drew a basic "I" beam shape as a polygon and made a pillar, the only problem is I went to rotate (so its a beam not a column) and I got the message: "This operation only works on hybrid objects in plan projection". What am I missing? I know I could extrude the shape but then would be no use for plans since cant dash extrusions. I have used the other framing member / beam tools but you cant customize the shape (only rectangles etc). It must be something simple that Im missing but I have got no idea how to create a 3D object that i can dash, I know its possible since floor objects and pillars etc can be dashed. Thanks for your time.
  13. OK I decided I'd try and send a copy to bug submit. I closed the program and copied the file (so I can reopen it and spend some time deleting irrelevant objects). After renaming and reopening... the problem is gone! Great cant wait till it happens again.
  14. I just did something which has corrupted one of my DLVPs. (well im pretty sure this is what it is) I have a DLVP with a class override, the override was to show an objects fill as a hatch. I then went in to the Resource Browser and deleted that hatch (as I want to import another hatch with the same name). When I went back to the DLVP nothing was visible. I clicked on the DLVP and then clicked "classes", everything is turned off and all class overrides are "reverted" (I did the same thing for "layers" and they are turned off as well). If I turn a class or layer on and then click OK, nothing changes and when I go back in they are all turned off again. I would send this to the bug submit but the problem is Ive had problems like this on big files before and by the time I remove irrelevant layers, classes, objects and saved views etc so the file is small enough to send the problem either disappears or is too time consuming.
  15. I have a worksheet with a database, when it comes to selecting the criteria I have chosen "list objects whose > class > is >" but the width for the class names can only fit a few words and I cant read the rest of the text. You cant increase the width of the column and you cant increase the width of the criteria window. What am I doing wrong?
  16. Just tried that Jeffrey and it did have an effect, the wall becomes almost invisible right-hand-most corner just breaks surface of roof. I dont understand thou in all other occasions the wall stops at the bottom surface of the roof face not the top face???
  17. Yeah I tried that to begin with but made no difference.
  18. I have one "wall" and one "roof face" on one layer (the only two objects in my drawing). The wall is positioned well below the roof face. I select the wall and do the "fit wall to roof" command. I tick "contrain tops of walls to 3D geometry", select the correct layer and leave "wall top embedded depth" as "0". I hit OK and the top of the wall lines up with the top face of the roof leaving a little bit extending througg the roof. What have I done wrong?
  19. Why is it that when you apply a hatch to a "roof face" it occurs on top and sides. But when you have a floor it only occurs on the top?
  20. Mmm thanks for that Tobias, I know nothing about scripts so i might leave this.
  21. I have created a basic texture. Color: Grid color* Scale: 1 Width: 600 Hieght: 600 Grid size: 0.1 Grid color: black Background color: Grey No fuzz Reflectivity: None Transparencey: None Bump: None Size: 500 Shadows Cast: Yes Recieve: Yes In openGL it looks fine, large grid on my walls. When I change to "final quality renderworks" it appears as just grey with no grid. What have I done wrong? There are no settings for "final quality renderworks" that I am aware of.
  22. I have also selected the door > settings > data. There is a list of the components that make up the door and the name off the class, for all the components the "class" says "none". What am I missing?
  23. I use an OZCAD add-on called "windoor13" so I don't use the standard window or door tool that comes with VW2008. On this one occasion I am using the garage door from VW2008 and I notice it creates 3 classes: "ceiling-main, non-plot and sills". I don't want these in my job so I selected and deleted those classes. As soon as I select the door again the classes are recreated, which make sense. I know that some objects that come with VW have "auto-classing" so I looked in the help menu for that topic. This is what it says: There are 5 "active standards": VWarch VWarch simplified AIA/NCS User 1 User 2 User 3 I have selected each one and noticed that for all the tick box: "enable auto-classing" is unticked. What do I do?
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