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  1. When I create a SCRIPT it is only available in the job file that I created it in. Is there away to create a SCRIPT and have it available in all the jobs I work on, similar to how WORKSPACES are?
  2. I also find when I move the viewport and section marker goes AWAL, if I use UNDO the viewport moves back to its original location but the UNDO has no efect on the Section Marker.
  3. Yeah just say move the viewport to the left or right a couple of metres. I find on mine when I move the viewport the Section markers in the annotation area move off the page by a kilometre.
  4. In your file im guessing you have a few sheet layers with the section viewport marker showing (instances) on each viewport. Can you try moving one of the viewports and tell me what happens to the viewport marker on your file?
  5. Im pretty sure this is asking to much but its worth a try. If I draw two squares or extrusions, and have one lapping over the other slightly, is it possible to use a class override or something so that the area of square that is under the other shows up as a dash? I also have a small rock which I am trying to extract a small amount of blood from can anyone help.
  6. I have closed my script pallete but dont know how to bring it back up. I know if I closed my Object info pallete I just right click on the page click palletes and click on the pallete I wish to show but the script pallete is not available.
  7. Is there a quick way to say change all line type 0.03 in a drawing to 0.18. Not just to the active layer but to all layers.
  8. No just to the same layer and same class (class = none)
  9. I have two text blocks both at size 9pt, when I copy an item of one text block and paste it in to the other the size changes from 9pt to 8pt, why is this?
  10. I understand that in VW2008 it is possible to select multiple joinery items at once without selecting the walls, how do I do this?
  11. Cool that works, didnt think the class override for a dash would work on a extrusion
  12. I have a Section Viewport Marker visible on a few viewports, I know if I go in to the EDIT ANNOTATIONS mode in a viewport I can move the location of the marker within the viewport. If I move one of my viewports the section marker on all sheets moves way off the page. Why is this?
  13. I have created a basic stair (10 extruded rectangles each one 200mm higher than the last). In Plan View the stair shows up as solid .18 which is great for the First Floor Plan as everything below the viewers eyeline appears as solid. However on the Ground Floor Plan I need to show the top 4 stairs as dashed as they are above the viewers eyeline. I know I can hide the top 4 extrusions and and draw 2D polygons over them and show them as dashed. Im sure there must be a better way where I can just use the basic extrusions rather than having copies of things to achieve the same look.
  14. I wish to delete the class DIMENSION I have gone into File>Document Setting>Document Preferences>Dimensions and unticked the "create dimensions in dimension class". I have also gone into Tools>Options>Set Dimension Tool Preferences and changed all the class settings to none. But when I delete the Dimension Class I get the message: Cannot Delete Class "Dimension"
  15. CS1

    Live text 2008

    Surely theres live text!!!
  16. Thanks, yeah that is much quicker, I still thought there would be a way to move the page location and have it perform the same way as it does on DESIGN LAYERS
  17. If i change my page size from say A3 to A4 I have to go thru each sheet and change the page size and then move the page on each sheet
  18. I have just gone in to my VW preferences and the box is already unchecked, I can move the page area on one sheet and as soon as I go to my next sheet it is in another location
  19. I have tried to paste a VIEWPORT to a DESIGN LAYER but get the message "Viewports can not be pasted to Design Layers". However I notice when I create a new VIEWPORT I have the option of creating on a NEW DESIGN LAYER or on a NEW SHEET LAYER. When I choose NEW DESIGN LAYER it works fine I have a VIEWPORT on a DESIGN LAYER. I can then copy that VIEWPORT to other DESIGN LAYERS, but as soon as I select an existing VIEWPORT and try pasteing I get the same message "Viewports can not be pasted to Design Layers". Am I missing something?
  20. When I scroll between my different Sheet Layers the page location is different on each one, how can I allign them all?
  21. How do I convert a 2D hatch in to 3D objects? I saw it used on a podcast to create hacthes for elvations that were live but when I followed the link for more detail I couldn't find it. This is the podcast: http://web.mac.com/jpickup1/Site/podcasts/Entries/2007/9/16_047_-_Line_Textures_on_Elevations.html
  22. You are a genius, This has saved me a heaps of time, cheerz.
  23. I have attached an image of what I would like to achieve. I have a site model which I have created using 3D loci. The model has taken the most direct route between two locis missing out an intermediate loci which is not in line with the other two, I understand why it is done this, but I need the hull to follow the boundaries of the site. Am I doing something wrong?
  24. Cool that does exactly what I need, didnt realize that the snapshots are live. I still think that classes within the Site Model would be handy
  25. When I create a Site Model I would like to be able to assign the Major and Minor Contours to seperate classes. How can I do this? My end goal is to be able to show my site model in plan view with the Major Contours and Hull Visible and in Elevation or Section to have Major and Minor Contours Visible with Hull invisible. I know I can do this by copying or exploding my Site Model but I need it to remain Live.
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