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  1. Well, I worked around this with another copy of the file, but I am shocked, SHOCKED, that no one has had a similar experience worthy of sharing.
  2. I guess so, Katie, what would you like in that image other than a clearly transparent (sur)face with some color to show it is not just unfilled? Maybe an open Org window showing layers set to 'paint'?
  3. Thanks, guys. "is there more that is frustrating you?" Well, yes, thanks for asking, but this one thing is plenty for now. Definitely "something like being able to select objects in the VP but still see the annotations," and get info on the objects just as if they were recognized as.... objects. So I could carry on with the needed info without having to switch hither and yon and back.
  4. That's a helpful tip, Ray. But what I want is for VW to allow me to select within the VP and to give me info about my selection, if nothing else. I see nothing wrong with that in the context of a 'view' only. Ultimately, I want to be able to edit whatever I can see at any time, but I guess that is a long standing issue which distinguishes true 3D CAD from 2.xxxD? I guess what I seek additionally gets away from the purpose of VPs, but it seems their use has been stretched to meet gaps in functionality and so I want to stretch it a bit further, but still reasonably, I hope.
  5. Of course it is just not now possible, right? I have not been wasting half of my working elevation directed hours hunting for the obvious, that which I may or may not be able to see but for which the OIP offers nothing... I'd really rather you tell me that, yes, I have been wasting my time and that ojects displayed in VPs (not the annotation thereof) are selectable and reportable because that would mean I could at least start to not be so wateful. (Provided you told me how.) Pardon my frustration, please.
  6. Thanks, Pat, though why make the backup copy after saving and quitting? (I'm already using a copied workspace, if that matters.) I'm pretty sure I have ended VW with a save (rather than a crash) and still the workspace has not returned to that saved state after a subsequent crash.
  7. I tried to clarify that both the VP class settings and the sheet layer class settings were 'show, snap, modify all.' If that's all we got, I'm stumped and have re-drawn the unselectable objects, but will come back when such happens again. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, folks, but no dice. All layers 'transfer' set to 'paint' (that seems a bit obscure to me). Travis, the class setting you mention maybe is only available for 2008?
  9. Thanks, Travis, but I haven't made it to viewport crop yet. Just 'white rectangles' and the like as boxjoint mentions. And boxjoint, yes, I'm sure I tried selecting in both the VP annotations and sheet layers first as that was the most likely problem. No luck, but thanks.
  10. On an elevation sheet layer a VP does not display an object, even with all classes visible. Entering VP annotaion the object becomes visible but is not selectable by picking, or window, alt or not, or select all. If the object's class is not visible in the VP would it be visible in the annotation thereof? Me thinks, of course not. I know its likely a class issue, Ray, but what class issue? Thin hair, getting thinner.
  11. Somehow some formerly opaque fills became transparent, so a white fill looked like it was not filled and I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure that one out but assigned another color fill only to find out that it was somewhat transparent. How to fix; how to assign? Atribute palette does not appear to show transparency though it seems it should.
  12. Is there a quick and easy way to display all including hidden objects. My class and layer settings are to display all when possible though in this sheet layer with VPs, 'active only' is the mandated layer setting. I'm trying to edit the masking entities which were drawn over VP objects in a sheet elevation layer. I see that they are there but cannot pick them. (Which is another question regarding the limits of selectability and object handle display in sheet layer VPs and such... Are there simple rules of engagement here?)
  13. After a VW 'not responding' shut down and reload, selecting results in 'Illegal Object Selected'. VPs update OK. Saved view change immaterial. Probably those with experience are familiar with this ominous sign.
  14. Not sure what the term for it is; I would call it 'workspace' but guess that is otherwise used. What I mean is simply the way the display is organized: primarily palette display, docking and sizing. Is there some way to save this so when VW crashes and must be reloaded it can be quickly restored? It obviously is not saved either in periodic saves or VW auto saves, but it is remembered by VW typically, so it must be a volatile setting in VW?
  15. In Help: Zooming>With Fit to Window command. As follows: Fit to Window The Fit to Window command displays the entire print area in the drawing window. For a single page drawing, this command displays the entire page. For a drawing with two or more pages, all of the pages display at one time. A Fit To Window button exists on the View bar. To fit the print area in the window: Select View > Zoom > Fit to Window. VectorWorks zooms in or out to display all pages in the print area.
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