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  1. Ah ha, um what if you already have several cross sections drawn and need to shrink them with out cropping?
  2. I have changed the section marker "configuration" to "partial section", but all this seems to do is remove the marker from one end. I need to create a section with limited length (say only 6m)
  3. Or if I have a 3D loci how can I show the Z value of that loci on a worksheet?
  4. This may be a rookie question but how do I show the Z value of a Design Layer in a Worksheet?
  5. On the OIP i can see the "height at Boundary" "Allowable Height" "Daylight Angle" But I am unable to change the values in these fields. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thanks found it. Is there anyway to change the height or angle due to differetn requirements for different councils?
  7. Do you mean the unit symbol 44?24'30" ?
  8. I know a quick fix would be to create an equation using Hypotinuse for the width and the angle. But... If I use the function "angle" for a rectangle the result = 0
  9. I have created a basic Worksheet to tell me the lengths of rectangles in a certain class. I have used the Database tool. The Equation line reads =width (in the header of row A) This works fine for rectangles that are not at an angle but if I rotate the rectanlge the "width" is now the X length. In other words if I have a rectangle measuring 1000x50 The result of the equation for Width = 1000 The result of the equation for Height = 50 If I then rotate the rectangle 45? The result of the equation for Width = Height Ive tried using the functions -Length -Width -Height but none seem to tell me the "length of a rectangle that is rotated. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I dont know if this helps. Try Start Menu>All Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer. Select the Drive you want on the right hand palette show the folders available, You can then right-click, choose "arrange icons by" > "modified". If the file was lost recently the folder it is in should be near the top. Then just do the same process over again ince youve opened the folder up (arrange files by date modified).
  11. I have seen a few tools in the site modeling menu that you can "send to surface". Is there a way to send other 3D objects to the surface of a site model? I.E If I created a 3 cubes how could i make the bottoms sit on the surface of a sloped site model?
  12. I was just watching a PodCast and saw a useful tool in Vectorworks. The tool was a Symbol/PlugIn called "Recession Plane" and was used to create daylighting restriction angles on a model. I have just tried to find this tool in my resource browser but have had no luck in locating it. I have Fundamentals, Architect and Rendorworks. Is this tool available to me? Is it a 3rd party add-on?
  13. Is there another way to do what I am trying to achieve?
  14. I want to show the ground line as 1.0mm thick in my section viewport.
  15. I have created a site model. I need the site model to look one way on one sheet layer and another way on another sheet layer. So I have created two snaphots of the site model and put them in classes >"snapshot 1" & "snapshot 2". On one of my sheet layers I have taken a section viewport through a viewport of my snapshot2. On the section viewport the ground line appears as black 0.18. I have gone through the graphix attributes of the site model and changed evrything to odd colours and re taken the snap shot and classed accordingly with no joy. I have changed the clas attribute of "snaphot2" which hasnt worked (didnt think it would). However the section viewport is in class > none. If I change the class > none, then the ground line changes with it. How do I change the attributes og the ground line with out changing my "none" class?
  16. I am trying to update my viewport and get the following error message "One or more operations were aborted due to lack of memory" Is is this RAM related?
  17. When I zoom in on my design layer some of the information disappears. For example I have a rectangle selected 45mm wide I have zoomed in so the rectangle takes up most of the screen so I can align it with a line, I'm almost zoomed in close enough and with the last roll of the mouse the recctangle disappears but the line does not. If I continue to zoom in the rectangle remains invisible. If I zoom out it becomes visible again.
  18. Is there just not a way to do this?
  19. mmm Ok. I used the example of a title block because it was easy to try and explain. The problem for me is really with all viewports where there are copies on other sheets layers showing the same area but with different class or layer selections. Some of these viewports need to be cropped for obvious reasons and ther needs to be a way to align viewports on several layers or change information across several viewports without having to do the same process to every viewport. I understand that there are somethings that just wont be possible as far as making changes to several viewports but if there was a QUICK way to align viewports then the cut and paste tool would speed things up (ie cutting and pasting a rectangle (crop) from viewport to viewport.
  20. I have a custom title block on a design layer. I have then pasted a viewport of this boarder on to all my sheet layers (around 50 of them). I have just added some information to my boarder design layer which I want to show on half of my sheet layers but not the rest. So I have gone to one of my viewports, used the crop viewport tool, then copied the cropped viewport to 25/50 of my sheet layers. A slightly lengthy process. But done. But now I wish to add some more info to my design layer which now wont fit within the cropped areas. I dont want to do the same process all over again! There has got to be a way to have a "viewport" type object on a page that can be globally edited... Once! Am I missing something? PS on 40/50 sheet layers I moved my viewports around slightly, now I need them all to be in the bottom right hand corner of the page in the exact same location, how can I do this?
  21. What is this forum for? What is SDK?
  22. There are definatly some great advantages in being able to change one sheet and not have it effect the others, but there needs to be away to get them all back to one location if need be. Same as with viewports: its great being able to do class overrides to just a few viewports but then when you need to bring them all back to there original class setting you can just hit "revert" and bang its done you dont need to go to each viewport and change all the class settings for each altered class.
  23. On this Techboard under My Stuff>My Watch Lists>Watched Forums, it would be cool if the number of new comments/replies for each post showed up here also like on the forum list (red number in brackets). I find often I log on and look at my list of wathced posts and have to check each one to see if there has been a response or go on to the form list page and see there. It would be handy if there was a way to see which of "my" posts had been replied to.
  24. Nah no joy with that either, if you move the page location on your design layer it will move on all design layers but has no effect on the sheet layers
  25. I have changed the paper size that I am going to print to and there for I need to either move my viewports so the information is inside the margins of the paper or the alternative is to move the page so the information is inside the margins. Hope that makes sense. Another reason why I need to move all pages at once or have a way of aligning my pages is I like my information on my actual printed pages to be aligned so if for some reason I decided to print on transparent paper I could stack them over the top of each other and all the info would line up. I know I can go through each sheet layer and double click on the "move page" tool and this will send the page to the origin which is a temporary fix at the moment but this is not practical for all jobs.
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