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  1. Having any kind of (even) simple stone hatch should be standard on any drafting program, after half a day of searching on the net I find it impossible to locate an adequate hatch. How VWs have managed to arrive at this stage without having a stone hatch is beyond me. Disappointed Jimmy
  2. Hi, I appreciate your insulation tool, its a great help! Simple and easy to use. I'm looking to use nice simple details as in the Detail magazine and one tool (liner tool) that i think would be realy handy is a tool for drawing a plywood type material ie __________________________ __________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | ________________________ _______________________ something like that where the overall width is the only input. Split 25% 50% 25% where width/height @ 50% is equal ie(Square) Could you possibly help me with the script, as i have only a basic knowledge. Also i think that the rep unit tool would do the trick but i can not add it to toolbars as it is invisible in the workspace editor center. Is there a reason for this, is it because we have VW fundamentals in the office?
  3. Hi Could anyone direct me to somewhere i might be able to download a sample Titleblock. I am in the process of creating a template for my office and the standard sample title block has only 5 editable areas. Do I need to delve into VScript make a template?


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