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  1. This seems to be a similar problem to the one discussed in the 'Locking fixtures to a position' thread. I recommend looking there. I bring this up also because I have seen this problem come up in multiple threads. Though I have heard several work arounds, I have not heard about what is the actual cause of the 'grabby' electrics or if there are any plans to change the way VW deals with overlapping positions. If there is any progress on this I would love to hear about it. I hope the ideas in the other thread help solve your problem. Kenneth Helvig
  2. I have seen the same reaction to the lab license and only get the watermark when I use the individual license. I am therefore often juggling both watermarked and non-watermarked drawings. It is possible (however difficult) to edit both and not lose your mind but be sure to save often. If you accidentally import a watermarked element, undoing the action is not enough, you have to revert to saved to fix the error and if you have not saved recently enough you will regret it. I find it best to save before I import anything from anywhere. Kenneth Helvig Lighting Assistant American Repertory Theatre Cambridge MA
  3. Putting the hanging positions on different layers worked as long as the other layer was off. Once I turned the second layer back on the instruments jumped back to the incorrect pipes. It seems to me like the positions are 'stacked' in some unknown order and when a unit touches two positions, priority is given to one over the other. This would be fine but there seems to be now way to override the auto-association or even change the order of priority.
  4. Using VW 2008 I have found that in my pipe Grid, Instruments that are touching more then one position are often getting labeled with the incorrect position name. Once this happens it is impossible to change the name to the correct position without moving the instrument. When I try to change the name the field just reverts back to the incorrect position. The same problem is occurring with floor mounts that happen to sit within the arc of a curved position. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kenneth E.
  5. I have, since my last post (immobile label legends,) upgraded to 2008. My problem with the legends seems to have followed me and also changed its nature. This is what is happening now; When I insert new instruments, They receive the active legend as they should. As I enter information into the various fields this information appears in the proper places, again just like it is suppose to. At this point in the game I can move all of the fields to wherever I want them and make the drawing pretty. If I decide that an instrument wants a different legend I can change to a new legend and all fields that have not been manually adjusted jump to their new positions. Up until now everything seems to be working the way it is suppose to. However, If at any point after I have changed an instruments legend I use either the refresh labels or refresh instruments command the fields all jump to the position dictated by the master legend and at this point I am completely unable to move any of them. If I've never changed the legend the instruments have no problems. Any suggestions that keeps me from creating custom legends for every instrument on the plot would be appreciated.
  6. It was neither interactive scaling nor a class issue. It seems that the problem is isolated to drawings that I did not create from scratch on my own. Is there something in the creation of label legends that someone could be accidentally messing with? It is just weird that it is a problem with some lights and not others.
  7. The drawing is in VW 12.5 and the problem does seem to track with the file. The odd bit is that it also is restricted to certain files. Most of the time I have no problems and am able to move any label legends on all units. I worked around the problem by copy/paste-ing units that had no problems and then changing the data (including the symbol) in the object info window. At this point it is more of a curiosity then a pressing problem. I wonder if it does not stem from older drawings that were converted up to 12.5 or perhaps there is a selection in preferences that is or is not selected.
  8. I created seventeen instruments on a position. I assigned them all a label legend and filled in the related information. Once this displayed I had a couple of instruments that the 'color' needed some position adjusting. As I moved down the electric I found that three of the seventeen lights would not allow me to adjust any of the items in the label legend. Refreshing the label and the instrument had no effect. This seems to be happening randomly across my plot. Sometimes the new instruments will allow the change sometimes they will not. It is baffling. I am not having this problem on any of my other plots. Has anyone experienced this before?
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