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  1. When we save vectorwork 2008 files with Leopard onto a backup drive they become inviisible - can you suggest anything?
  2. hi is there word on why we crash everytime a document is saved onto our server. We understand from 3D Toolbox that Nemetschek have recognised this problem. Its extremely frustrating thanks Nicholas
  3. I have tired Safari 3 and help works with it thanks you
  4. yes I have spoken with them and they are looking into it - I was curious if this was a common problem thanks
  5. Hi We purchased 6 copies of Vectorworks 2008 yesterday from 3D Toolbox. One of the six serial numbers won't load. With the other five everytime we try to save a drawing the programme crashes. We have to set autosave to 1 minute but this has to be set evrytime the programme is opened> We use macs 10.4.10 OS a mix of intel, G5 imac and G4 imac Also Vectorworks Help does not load when asked.
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