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  1. I often need to draw polylines and then join them together. I have not been able to use the join function or the connect tool. I have used the polyline tool but I suppose I could use the piping run tool as well. What is the best way to do this? These polylines represent piping runs. It is essential that I know the total distance of the run (perimeter). That goes for the individual segments before I join them as well as the total after they have been joined. Also. When I draw a polyline, why is it that I sometimes get an AREA in the object info box and not a perimeter? Thank You
  2. I am working in Version 12.5.2 and cannot seem to import a very important set of DWG files. I get "OpenDWG Error 8" "This DWG version is not supported" The files were sent in whatever version these architects work in, then at my request AutoCAD 2000. Still no luck. What might be happening here?
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