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  1. 'Argumentum ad hominem' suits Petri's 'the world misunderstands my genius', 'no one knows how painful it is to be as intelligent as me' attitude. I think with Petri it is more of a case of 'ad hominem tu quoque' hence my expectation of Petri's using 'I know you are because you said you are'. And while we are awash in Latin, Petri, you wouldn't be the target of some of the vitriole you cop if you stayed within the boundaries of logic and stayed away from ad hominem circumsttantiae. You could use your wit for good and not for evil if you stopped making chauvinistic, nationalistic and jingoistic remarks attacking the circumstances of strangers. I do find alot of your posts funny...but sadly I pity your state of mind that results in your self-elevation as you survey the pathetic masses from your tower made from non-elephant products. Why don't you do something with your life, Petri. Respond to the challenge of a new CAD program. I don't think a man of your calibre would make PetriCad so that only intelligent people could use it. How would you continue your shin-kicking abuse of the bewildered? Yours Pathetically, PetriFried
  2. Petri replies with the devastatingly childish comeback - 'Whatever!' What blindingly debilitating wit! How sharp! How 'adult'! You sure know how to get back at your foes Petri! Please, no more of this poison...Please don't use other cruel insults like 'I know you are 'cause you said you are',or, 'I won't be your best friend'. Petri, you finally cracked. But for all the psuedo-worship you get for your rapier wit, you have slammed us with limp lettuce. You can do better than that. Yours Hopefully, PetriFried
  3. I agree with Dontevenjoke, Petri must be working on his CAD release because he is not buying in, when, from my short experience, he usually does. I think the spirit of this thread is playful fun, but Petri is strangely silent.Could he be taking this personally? I don't think so. Prepare for the mother of all replies when the the giant awakes.
  4. Jan15, I'm not so sure the'backwater' thing was a pun. I think it was just an insult considering the pattern that is forming by looking thru his other insults. The only way we will know is if Petri replies...
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