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  1. Hi all, I'm not a designer or CAD guy by trade, but I find myself working in Vectorworks doing basic layouts for conventions and exhibits. This involves placing imported CAD objects, providing basic measurements for under-carpet electrical pulls and simple isometric renderings. The first thing I do is draw the floor of our exhibit space. A 50' x 50' space for example. I then overlay horizontal and vertical lines to make a grid of 10' squares that are printable and show up in both 2D and 3D views. Is there a cool, programatic way to do this or is just drawing a 2D rectangle, duplicating an array of horizontal and vertical lines, grouping them and then extruding it 1" the easiest way to go? -Patrick
  2. Ok, that would be great to have you take a look at it
  3. I'm a first time VW 12.5.2 user importing an autocad file from a vendor for the first time (a day of firsts). I imported an AutoCAD file that should have lots of pieces of our company's trade show booth. I noticed two things: 1) - The pieces don't seem to be objects or grouped in any way. If I click on a piece to move it, I move a line. I can usually group the lines but I'm not quite sure how/if I can make this group into something for a component library I'm putting together. 2) - When I go into a 3D view light right iso and render, many of the 2D drawings don't seem to be 3D. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to check if thats something that got lost/messed up in the import process or if the file simply didn't come that way from the vendor. Any pointers people can provide would be great. -Patrick


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