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  1. Hi there We are a small office who have upgraded in the last 6 months from vectorworks 10 to Vectorworks 12.5.2, running in Mac OS 10.4.10. This transition has caused a few 'glitches', in that the way we used to set up our files seems to disagree with Vectorworks 12.5.2, causing the file to spin the 'wheel of death' before crashing the program. How we used to set up files pre viewports was to place all drawings in layers (plans, sections elevations), and then drawings titles in separate layers at a different scale. Layers were then turned on in combinations to provide the appropriate drawing. Is this what is causing the file to crash? If so, why? We have quite a few 'old' projects that were set up before we upgraded, and we have not the time to re-set all of them to a viewport friendly format. Am happy to send an example of such a file to someone in tech support if there is an email address I can send to? Will be very grateful to find a solution... Many thanks Lyn Ang
  2. Katie, anyone..would appreciate help with a file. It is an old Vectorworks 10.2 file. When I try and open it, it first says: This file was created with an older version of Vectorworks. It will be converted and opened with the new name: xxxx I click ok It then says: This is an unrecognized file. It may be a Vectorworks file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old minicad file, it may have been created by another application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error. It then closes. The odd thing is, I haev no problems with any other Vectorworks 10 files I have had to convert. Any clues? Many thanks...
  3. Thanks - it appears to have worked a treat!
  4. Sorry I meant 12.5.1... Lyn
  5. Hello My practice has just upgraded from Verctorworks 10 to Vectorworks fundamentals 12.1.1. All of us at some point seem to be getting this message: Unexpected end of file encountered during file read operation. (Failure on attempt to open file). The file then proceeds to corrupt. We do back up but people are getting increasingly frustrated at losing a day's work....it seems to happen erratically and I can't work out why. We still have Vectorworks 10 on the computers, 'just in case'. Do you think that's causing a conflict in the systems? Please help..... Lyn
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