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  1. hi there whenever I add a component to a wall that has an endcap, the line weight of the wall itself vanishes and there seems no way to be able to control the attributes of the end cap. this post about wall vs component attributes makes no difference. Any idea what it might be? Thanks!
  2. ok - yes, i'm a muppet: i was looking in object information for the class attributes for the doors and it said they were under "none". Didn't think to check that they might have created their own class ... thanks katie
  3. I'm using the Door In Wall symbol from the Architect Sampler symbol library. Its magic and has saved loads of time until now. From nowhere, the door swing and open door has vanished on all new insertions of the door, leaving only the jambs. The symbol is on a visible class, visible layer. If i drag duplicate a similar fully displayed door from within another wall, the swing and door vanish when it's dropped. Bizarrely i can click on the invisible doors and swings, but they're still invisible. If i copy another whole wall with the visible doors in , the doors vanish when i resize the wall... an ideas? many thanks
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