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  1. I have managed to sort the problem out, after Katie's first reply I looked further into the hp printer drivers and although the update driver link was teling me that the dirivers I had were the most recent they wernt. I manually downloaded the drivers just to make 100% sure, and presto I can now print. Thanks for your help Katie.
  2. windows xp professional I am not sure what driver version it is but I have been to the hp driver downloads web page and run the update driver link and acording to that, I am using the most recent driver. I get no error messages the pc sends info to the printer and nothing prints.
  3. I have recently purchased a hp officejet pro k850 printer and I am having problems printing anything with vw v11.5. I have changed the printer settings in print setup and under set print area as explained in the instruction manual but still I cannot print. I have changed between A3 and A4 paper sizes and have tryed everything I can think of. The printer prints properly with every other application on the pc.
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