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  1. Thank you so, so much! That makes my life so much easier
  2. Does anyone know if there is a way to use layer colors in design layer viewports without setting the entire file to use them? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know of a way to import a text file into VW keeping all of the formatting in tact? We get notes in .doc form which are different for each file and each time it takes me hours to get it looking like it should. The best I've found so far is to save it as a text edit and copy paste - bringing it in from word doesn't work at all. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. A FEW GRIPES WITH THE CALL OUT TOOL: 1- We need more options for markers, or a way that we could create our own. My office has always used Diamonds as our callout symbol as they really help them jump out at you and also are difficult to be easily mistaken for drawing elements since they are always on the angle. 2- There should be the ability to place a callout without a leader 3- Call outs do not work if you group them, which seams like a bug. If I place a callout in a group it disappears from the keynote legend and makes everything go strange
  5. Also, is there any way to turn the leader off on a keynote?
  6. Just wondering if anyone might know how to add another geometry option to the callout bubble options. We have always used Diamonds as our callout symbol as they really help them jump out at you and also can not be easily mistaken for drawing elements since they are always on the angle.
  7. Benson, You are perfectly correct as to the trouble i am facing. Yes, the desired line style were the VW defaults, plus a few custom I had added. I would have no problem with the Autocad styles coming in IF they did not re-order the styles in the palette, thereby messing up all the objects relying on those styles. I agree completely that it seems like a bug, and your suggestion sounds like a perfectly logical solution. A further complication to this is that the line styles can only be recognized via graphics rather than by say a set number, or set name, so when they do get re-ordered in the palette it can be very difficult and time consuming to find and apply the proper one again. Mike - how would one do this exactly? When the file is imported it automatically puts the new line types on the top of the list, bumping out whatever was there before... Thank you both for your time and suggestions - quite helpful!
  8. I imported a file from autocad and my dash styles were overwritten somehow. Is there any way to replace them with the correct ones? can you bring dash styles over from one project to another? I have many classes dependent on those dash styles to appear correct - how can i get the right style into the right place for the classes to properly read from? Thanks!
  9. Does this script you made update the date automatically each time you print or do you still have to do it manually? If you've created a script which automatically updates would you mind sharing that? I've been trying to accomplish this for some time without success... Thanks so much!
  10. How would you compose a string of individual dimensions into a chain dimension? I tried using compose, under the modify menu but with no success. any advice appreciated, thanks!!
  11. The ability to also explode chain dimensions into individual, independently manipulatable dimensions would be great! Stacked dimensions is a must!! There's just not enough space on most architectural plans not to have it!
  12. I would like to toggle preferences on and off without having to go into the preference dialog box - particularly: Snap to loci view other objects while in groups black & white only Please make these shortcut-able in the workspace editor or move them to a location where they could be. Thanks so, so much!!
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