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  1. Many thanks Katie - I had the class option on show/snap others rather than show/snap modify. - now sorted.
  2. Has anyone had an issue printing a drawing incorporating a colour company logo or similar image? I have had problems with the logo looking fine on screen and on my home printer but the print bureau get a negative black and white image on printing. Have tried importing in a number of formats and they can print it fine in a document on its own but as soon as I put it in a planting plan we get the same problem. Any ideas anyone? Kate T Frustrated Garden Designer! UK
  3. Can anyone help? When creating a planting plan using my own created symbols for plants (not the plant database) I am unable to select these symbols using the cursor once I have inserted them. I have checked that I am in the correct layer and class etc. I am able to select using a marquee but not the cursor. It seems odd as I have created the symbols in exactly the same way for a previous drawing and did not have this problem. I am able to select other elements in the drawing using the cursor - just not the symbols. Has anyone had a similar problem or know of a solution? Would be very grateful for any info.
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