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  1. Oooh - fab - thanks Katie. That's really kind of you. Do you want to save yourself some work and just send me the step by step?


    Many thanks


  2. Just want to make it quite clear - I'm not moaning!

    I love the product and compared to pen and ink, it makes my work profitable! I just want to understand a bit more about how the plant reference file works and the best working method. I want to add plants to suit my own designs - but would like to be able to automate that process outside of VW using excel. I have a big list already in excel that I'd like to suck in without having to re-type.

    Can anyone recommend any good documentation that goes into this level of detail?

    My only suggestion (not moan) is that it would be nice if having associated a symbol with a plant from the plant reference data file, the symbol can't pick up the size from the plant reference data as well as the name etc.

  3. Hmm - that's an odd one. Are you using database controls when the notes manager appears? There is no reason why you shouldn't - just trying to reproduce your problem and I can't

    You say that you are clicking OK - but you should need to do this twice. Once to create the note itself, and again to leave the Notes Manager dialogue - the notes object should then appear on your drawing.

    Talk me through it even more step by step and I'll see if I can work out what's happening.

  4. As a garden designer in the UK and a refugee from "20 years in the IT industry person", my comment is that the database and place plant concept idea is far better than a circle template with a pencil and ERASER, which is where I've come from with this product.

    I am working on getting under the skin of the database to load my own plants quickly because, No - the plants list as shipped isn't much good to me. Can anyone suggest any decent, DETAILED, documentation on this?

    I DO know my plants, and the database doesn't take away the need for plant knowledge - nor would I want it to. But it does dramatically speed up the process of placing plants on a drawing, labelling them and totalling the list.

    What I would like it to do, is pull out the height and spread information when using plant data, rather than default to the symbol size. If you're associating the graphic with that plant, it makes more sense to me to use that data rather than have to type over the size that comes with the symbol. I know I still may want to make changes to that because of the style of placement, but it would be better to start with the plant's size than the symbol's.

    Is this the place to make such suggestions?

  5. If I just add the plant names and their categories, will that cause problems? I was hoping I could load in all the plant names quickly through excel, adding the information I have in the correct column, leaving others blank to complete later via the dialogue box. But your last statement about missed fields maybe implies that I can't do this?

    Could you confirm that VW DOES expect a row count at the top of the list as I see this when I first import open the file in excel.

    Is there any detailed documentation on this anywhere??


    Brave Tazza

  6. It may be dangerous, but I am a very very brave girl...

    Perhaps you could elaborate (please)? I do have LOTS of plants to add - not just a couple.

    Are you saying that when I tab from one column in excel to the next I could screw things up?

    If not - is there anything mysterious that excel could be adding to the file?

  7. Hi

    Can anyone help? I am trying to use Excel to modify my plant data rather than using the form in VectorWorks. This is because I already have a long plant list in excel I would like to include...

    1) I copied PlantReferenceData.txt first (thank goodness).

    2) Then, I opened it using Excel 2003. It recognised that this is tab delimited data and I opened the file using all the defaults.

    3) I typed a new plant name at the bottom of the file - and Perennials in the column where all the other plants have their type.

    4) I saved the file, ensuring I Save As tab-delimited text.

    5) When I then open VectorWorks and try to view my new plant, I am unable to open the plant database (either from the New Plant button or from AEC/Plant Reference Data. I get a VectorWorks script error.

    6) I restored my original PlantReferenceData file and all is well (phew).

    What am I doing wrong? Does excel add something funny to the file when it opens/saves it?

    Any hints would be gratefully received as ever.

  8. Many thanks - you are quite right it can be done the way you suggest and I agree that is the best - but I am teaching a course tomorrow and someone is bound to ask me HOW to use that tool when they see it on the Palette! I just couldn't get it to work - thanks for your help. The documentation isn't clear that the first symbol needs to be already inserted.

  9. Hi

    Yes - I do have Renderworks. The Object type is Hardscape in OIP. I have set a solid fill and yes, the selected colour does show up when I view in 3D, but I want to make it look better... I can set a render on the Render Tab in the OIP, but it makes no difference when displaying the object.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. Many thanks - I appreciate your help. I can understand this and it all makes sense. But how to achieve it? I set a render within the OIP. I have no fill set in the attributes palette.

    I look at the hardscape in 3D, and choose ANY of the View/Render options, but still - grey. I must be doing something silly. Any pointers gratefully received!



  11. Am I right in thinking that I can't set a render for a hardscape in 3D, other than a solid fill? I am creating a pad, but unable to use the textures that I use on the rest of the 3D drawing. It just continues to stare at me in bland greyness.


  12. I am trying to duplicate a symbol along a wall in order to create a panel fence with posts... I make the symbol active in the resource browser, select the tool, set up the preferences (using offset and repeat values to replicate my fence panel lengths). I follow the instructions to click on the wall - the manual tells me that a preview of my symbol should appear, but it doesn't. I then follow the instructions to drag in the direction of the duplication. Nothing happens. I have tried clicking and that just changes the prompt to Click on a Wall.

    Clearly doing something silly, but if anyone could explain where I am going wrong I would be eternally grateful.



  13. Thanks Jonathan

    Any brilliant suggestions on rendering hardscape objects in 3D views? Anything set in 2D seems to vanish. Unlike wall objects which can have textures applied in 3D views, hardscapes seem to just sit there and stare at me in bland greyness.. I'd be grateful for any suggestions - even if it's just "RTFM".


  14. Hmm- I've come into this a little late - but it seems to me that the answer has to be to retain the underlying polygon... You can dimension this and then copy all of the underlying polys onto a new layer for your setting out plan.

    Me - I'm struggling with rendering hardscape once it in is in 3D mode...


  15. Aha! I think I just stumbled on the solution to the angles... Are you using the shift key to try to constrain the angle? I was and it doesn't work.

    HOWEVER, if you have constraints set to ON in the palette, then use the resize cursor on the joint of the leader line, you can watch for the SmartCursor Cues and they seem to work for me. However,the Tag Class is the bit to work on for line thickness etc.

  16. This helps with line weight etc. But is there a way to constrain the angle of the leader on the plant tag. Using the shift key, there is a class set up which is applied, the angle contraint setting is on in the constraints palette. The SmartCues don't seem to relate to the angle that results with the leader.

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