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  1. Thanks for all the rpls! G-Pang: I'm still working on VW 11.5. What is the trick to enlarge the print area up to 6350mm???
  2. If I have a seperate sheet layer for each drawing I dont get the overview before printing. I could also print from design layers but then i miss the comfort of viewports. The problem is the program only allows total printing area of 3175x3175mm regardless of how many pages you split that up to. Is there no way to enlarge that area?
  3. Thanks for the rpls. I think you dont get the real question though. I work on each drawing in a seperate design layer and compare the design layers and then I put them all together on a sheet layer as viewports just for layout and printing. But the problem is the print area is limited to 3175x3175mm and thats not enough for all my drawings. I can of course print the first 15pgs and then move the page tool but thats rather inconvenient.. Is there no way to enlarge the available print area?? ..guess it was easier way back, just you and the pencil no computers and millimeters.. do you agree
  4. Ok maybe not more convenient.. I just thought it would be more old school/real to have all the pages on the screen together before printing instead of doing it the batch print way.. I dont have that big printer but i can split 3175x3175 up to 15xA1 landscape pages leaving some margins but thats not the 24 pages i need.
  5. I'm setting up a print file with viewports to all my drawings on a single sheet layer. I thought it would be convinient to have it all on a single sheet layer.. I need 24xA1 pages but the maximum print area (3175*3175mm) is not large enough for that. Is it by any mean possible to enlarge this print area? pls help!
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