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  1. I had A huge post but I lost it, oh well I'm not posting it again... The baseline of it was: I'm not a programmer so I acctually enjoy when my suggestions are implemented. AND: Thanks Robert for the door handle tip. I think I can use the same method (editing the door hardware file) to add whatever other lines I feel like. I don't really know what lines I want right now, but I'm sure vsd could help me with that thanks all and take it easy
  2. I use the "door" tool, choose all the settings and so on, add hardware and that kind of stuff. The door looks OK in 3D then I change to top/plan view and I don't like the way the door is displayed, it does not have lines I wish it had, and it doesn't show door handles (for exemple). I tweeked around the settings to show leaf, threshold etc... but the things I wan't don't show in plan view. So i draw lines where I wan't stuff to be, but it sucks to do it in all doors... How do I get around this?
  3. I haven't paid attention to the layer height,I'll try that thank you
  4. Thanksfor the reply. I'm using VW 12.0 ( didn't update to 12.5, should I??) I'm rendering in hidden line and final shaded poligon. I just saw that when those lines are "grey" in wireframe mode then they don't appear in hidden line or final shaded (good). When the lines are black then it has something to do with the creation of the object, normally the end/start of a NURBS curve or osme other intersection issue (bad). "would try rendering the same view directly on the design layer and select the offending nits to see if I could clean up the base object (as you called it). " I didn't really understand this one. thank you again
  5. Hello, Is there a way to draw lines and then group them with hydrid objects like doors or windows? For example, how would I create 2d door handle on a hybrid door ( in plan view) and then reproduce that in other walls? thank you
  6. How do I get rid of (or hide) unwanted lines in extruded and intersected solids? I try to make the "base" objects as good as possible but sometimes those lines appear out of nowhere. Should I just draw a white line over these lines on the viewports? thank you
  7. Hi, I have a curved roof that I created from intersecting two solids. When I try to "fit walls to roof" the result is not very good, it's all twisted. It works so so. Another approach was creating instersected solids between the walls and the (already) intersected roof. The only problem is that I "lost" my walls, they became intersected solids instead of walls. Should I then create "fake" 2d walls? Are there other better aproaches? Sometimes the "fit walls to roof" simply won't work with curved roofs. But then sometimes it does, (on the same roof in the same model) why is that? Thank you!
  8. I acquired vectorworks architect and receveid 3 installation cds ( plus some tutorial cds). When I install vectorworks it only takes the first CD (the program works though). Am I missing anything? IS there a reason for the other 2 CDs? Renderworks is not included on the package right? Thank you


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