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  1. Is there a way to dock the tool pallets. Some sorta dock, some won't. OIP, Resource pallet, Attributes pallet. Trying to reduce them to just icons with a flyout. I've used the push pin. Still would like to reduce the basic tools and other to just small icon buttons
  2. I learned alot of how to setup a drawing from the actual file "Alexandria Lofts" The Farmhouse shown in the 2009 videos. Looks more like what I want my drawings to do and look like. I am not really interested in the photo render stuff... Any chance the "Farm House" vwx file is available for learning?
  3. Guilitis I used this video http://download2.nemetschek.net/TechTips/Custom_Title_Block/Custom_Title_Block.html to get my title block I use in Autocad into VW 2009. It took me several tries to get it right. Mostly, the Text. You can set up text to be adjusted for each sheet layer
  4. I created a custom title block in VW 2008. Now I would like to bring into VW 2009 and save it there. Whats the best way?
  5. Finally, the info I needed to get my custom title block up and running. I probably have 4 books and two video learning discs. None explain the process as clearly and completely. Very frustrating until now!!!
  6. NNA told me I my P4, 2.2ghz, 512mb, Win XP machine will run VW 2009. I do not have Renderworks.
  7. What are the system requirements for VW2009?
  8. Not sure my system will support 2009
  9. NNA is offering me a deal to upgrade to 2009 from 12.5 Which will end 9/12. Since right now I have no idea what the improvements are to 2009 and they are not telling I can't really see going for it. Why can't they share what the enhancments are. I've tried asking and they are mum.
  10. You guys might as well be speaking arabic. I'm a struggling with vw12 and really have no idea what these changes to VW means. Can someone explain in more simple terms. I think my tendency to upgrade is going to be solely based on whether or not vw2009 is going to make learning / using VW any easier.
  11. Terry Ackerman's CD set WOW! If definetly seems VW can produce drawings the way I want. Right now it seems it can do anything as long as I know the program well enough.
  12. Pete Very nice. I'm impressed with using the 3d images on the the sheets. I think especially for a complicated roof it makes alot of sense. I tend to increase the weights on the wall lines in plans so they read heavier the dimension lines for instance. Personal choice really, I'm sure VW can handle that.
  13. I'm still working to learn VW. I'm alittle concerned that when I do actually get it up and running as my CAD system for preparing drawings on a daily basis I might not have the drawings actual look the way I want. Any one care to share sample con doc drawings to relieve my thinking on this issue. I have seen VW sample of con docs. Which are OK. Need to see more.
  14. Sorry I should have mentioned I'm using 12.5
  15. When working with guide lines is there some way to leave them on so they visable even after the obect is placed
  16. Thanks, I think mostly what is slowing me down is the jargon,terms,and particular naming of things. It took me awhile to understand what OIP was. duh. I work solo so I would like to keep the construction details as part of the same file. Create the construction details on their own layer but sprinkle them throughout the drawing sheet set or have it own sheet, flexibility. Which would be via a detail viewport placement.
  17. I understand the levels of a building can be on their own design layer. Building elevations don't have their own layer or do they? Are elevations a snapshot shown via a viewport on sheet layers only? And construction details created on some layer. Or where are they best created a model layer? or a separate design layer? I've been slowly working thru the SBS 12.5 tutorial. I've had to go back several times to complete a task. So I not grasping VW as quickly as I would like.
  18. I can't tell if mine is turned off or turned on. I'm working through the SBS 12.5 tutorial and it keeps referring to the smart curser. I think mine is turned off
  19. Bad I like manuals that don't treat you as you completely cad illiterate nor a computer whiz kid either. A good mix of illustration as well as explanation. The step by step progression thru a small residential project sounds like what I am after. I believe Archoncad has that as well?
  20. So far I think there two Archoncad and Step by Step. Any others out there? I would like a clearly written manual.
  21. In a effort to learn VW, tell me.... An "associative dimension" is a dimension that will adjust to the particular item that is being dimensioned. So if one were to dimension a framed wall and then later changed that wall to a 8"cmu wall the dimension would automatically be updated. I understand what your asking. You what to show a particular wall, but only dimension to the face of frame(face of stud) not the entire buildup. Which maybe drywall,stud,sheathing,siding composite wall.
  22. Bauhas I've never understood the practice of dimensioning to face of frame. If you think your helping the contractor by eliminating onsite math. I guess that means you plans are dimensionally perfect. Therefore, when the foundation is out of square the framer is not faced with doing some math? And what about the complex geometry involved in the cutting the roof frame. I'm not trying to come down on you. Really trying to be logical. I've been designing houses and preparing con docs for 20 years and that is one convention I feel serves no purpose. I am always willing to learn if there is something that could make my job and those who work with my plans easier. My view is that convention probably was originally done to save the draftsman time and work of adding the strings of dimensions. Well before handheld calculators. I've always dimensioned the interior from face of drywall to face of drywall. And exterior face of sheathing to face of sheathing. Of course there are exceptions. That way exterior dimensions should jive with outside foundation dimensions since ext. sheathing is in the same plane. Of course there are exceptions. Maybe I'm wrong but I've only one contractor complain about my method in twenty years Regional construction practices do play into this so without being famiilar with your jurisdiction's practices. I will speak to the convention of modern production platform stick framing
  23. Is there a way I can link say the "text" button to the appropriate class. And it will automatically write text in certain Class. More than that can I setup my drawing file so I can create a interior wall button and an exterior wall button. I might just be the way I learning to use VW, but I seem to always be drawing objects on the wrong class and line weight
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