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  1. petzt

    .zip error

    sorry that should read 12.5.1 pack.
  2. petzt

    .zip error

    Thanks. I have already been in discussion with them they were totally clueless as to what was going on as well. I thought that a wider base of knowledge may prove helpful hence the post. My local distributer have just recieved the 2.5.1 pack and are sending me that. So hopefully the saga will end there. Keep your ears out and if you have any other thoughts they would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  3. petzt

    .zip error

    Yes. I get the same error when loading from hard drive.
  4. petzt

    .zip error

    Sorry about timing. Being in Australia is a bastard.
  5. petzt

    .zip error

    No error when copying files from the dvd only when attempting to load afterwards.
  6. petzt

    .zip error

    Problems with Vectorworks 12.5.0 install on Windows XP. disk #1. error I get is Cannot open zips to extract files. Exception Type: exceptions.UnboundLocalError Exception Value: local variable 'zipObj' referenced before assignment Exception Stack: File "InstallerScript.pyc", line 1713, in ? File "InstallerScript.pyc", line 826, in OpenZipFile I have tried loading from DVD and copied files on my desktop. I have tried loading on another computer both are running Windows XP and both give me the same message. I have even gone so far as to load every .zip file on the DVD separately the problem file seems to be "Common5.zip" as all the others work. Help!
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