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  1. "First off, you have to know what you are babbling about..." Chili Gates - Bill's Son, born in 2014 - Post Historical Quotes I thought I was a feisty curmudgeon, but petri-fried, takes my crown, yet I shall attempt to reclaim it, fasten your ego brain belt... 1. You would not be doing CAD today, if not for the Intel mapping pioneering of John Walker- Autodesk Founder - maybe in about 4 years, your could run Claris CAD, on a 386 2. Autodesk is quite happy with Architectural Desktop, and in fact every new wonder they arrive upon, has CAD at the heart, from Maya to Land Desktop to AutoCADLT. (.) CAD is day one, before dinosaurs 3. CAD is the heart of ALL computing, from the mathematic FIRST, to the graphics later, all arithmetic is in a sense vector, and every switch has a 'coordinate' 4. Every CAD innovation since, owes it's lifeblood to guys like John Walker, and the Bentley Boys. 5. If you program for a LIVING, you can still be surpassed without research, 24/7, nearly impossible, as Borland found out, Lifeboat, and so many other drivers, to backseat, to trunk, to dust enterprises, absorbed by BillyG and others, with opportune info and insight, but no guarantees. 6. Do your research 7. Do some more research... You have no idea about my industry, in fact most of my industry will be left behind, by light computing from the ionosphere, within 3000 days... The temporary future of LANDCADD, DynaSCAPE, Landmark, and the rest, is diversification based on "extreme connectivity to those using it", and programmers and iarchitects who never sleep...or be replaced by macro programmer work, amalgamated by small, lithe enterprises, which are the next predator of this monolithic sledgehammers made of velvet. You could recreate LANDCADD with VB, or Java, in 1/1000th the time it took them to build it. LANDCADD was built in Tucson, Arizona, it's first footprint is found at the University of Arizona, the rest is history- everyone of them since is using BORROWED shelf lived CAD science, like me, that little kids write with Kid BASIC 3.0, the future is digital terminators deconstructing further and further decentralized systems, but the heart of it all, is CAD. Bone up on the reading man, it surpasses your own industry at lightspeed. Vectorworks, has an artistic appeal, which will keep it alive like Photoshop, it's has artistic insight and is one of the best, but, buy, borrow or steal them all, if you can't afford it, run seven computers at all times. People like art, better than CAD. The next wave of all design graphics and CAD, will be to humanize graphics, which we pioneer privately, myself for 10 years now, with not 1 artist 'envelope filter', but hundreds, and you can layer them to hybrids as well, it's very simple and looks good when an artist is also a plastic surgeon, you just have an edge on it, the art edge, art, the heart of CAD, better more robust, realistic, implants. for those who think they are on top, welcome to the pole shift lightspeed replacements: from the past, repeating at a monolithic software corporation near you, today: "One of the hardest things for people who haven't been intimately involved in the computer business for at least a decade to grasp is the nature of the exponential growth underway in our industry, and the consequences of continued exponential growth. I believe that many technology-oriented companies fail because the financial or management-oriented executives who run them don't understand how rapidly the underlying technology is developing, and how quickly their companies must change to survive in such an environment." -John Walker, AutoCAD Founder, March 4th, 1988 http://www.fourmilab.ch/autofile/www/chapter2_63.html Intelizer pioneer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Walker_(programmer) CAD gives your computer balls, for now, and will ALWAYS be the core fractal original, no matter how you rewrite it, in smart dust, or in photonic switches. Programmers all think they are god, and hate to be outgeeked, but new sources of the deepest science, are basically the common denominator, and these things are NOT openly available, until everyone uses it, innovation to paradigm. Now more programmers are realizing, customer feedback, is the key to retention. That's why I say buy it all, use it all, and feed it back, for system wide intelligence increase. No wonder I'm falling behind, look at this rant, lol AutoCAD and any other stone age CAD, was never meant to solve your problems, just to get you hooked, then, "off the shelf" solutions, to customization evolutions, to the point, where architects and designers of the future, will employ design intelligence expertise, as they don't right now. It is all contained in Bill Gates historic vision of DirectX, they laughed then, MS produces half of top ten now. lol, we are mostly are limited by our own ego, and lack of humility...
  2. You have to write a digital translator, as a middleman to the thai syntax
  3. As a basic rule from an expert, CAD is the heart of computing. AutoCAD is the first order environment, gone fully Windows. Anything over that is a layer, which can be reproduced in AutoCAD in amny many ways, I don't care if your ArchiCAD, LatestCAD, or MIcrostation's own CAD. Never discard the industry leader, pioneer, and plain dominating mindcscape, for younger enterprises riding this John Walker wave. Do waht they are doing, captialize on ALL the layers built on generiac CAD, including but not limited to AutoCAD. Keep it all, and don't just listen to a jack, who probably was selling aol subscriptions a year ago. I'm not knocking that, other than realizing you use ALL, the tolls, of EVERY vendor, programmer or innovator you can find and afford. They all have pros and cons, and in fact they are all related. Keep it all and expand, and having some background on what is retarding many landscape design data industries, is a key. http://www.activexfx.com, there is multitudinal solutions based on designer talent, systems, and investment by the enterprise employing them. It's a box, but make the walls glass, or osmotic. By it all, use it all, invent knew stuff, forever.
  4. The problem with many larger softwares, is the proprietary process they used to create what they do, and an inability to tap tools existing like Excel, for example, for this purpose. DynaSCAPE harnesses external powers that be, including the AutoCAD engine it's built on. Microstation is an example of a powerful program, which will probably expand in true Windows fashion, to objectification upon wheels already created. God knows, they have recreated enough wheels in the meantime, and often it's an ego complex which needs to be shattered. Thus Photoshop, though powerful, will operate like a 1988 Mac interface, as afar as a truly interactive GUI, of which, the right-click is a clear indication, if lacking a menu, that they are not there yet, but they have coma a long way, atleast further than Bentley's Microstation. They just won't pay the Microsoft bill, and sacrifice functionality and their own power in the meantime. Bill Gates won, get over it, and let's concentrate on empowering landscape designers with power tools, based on the current dominant technologies, not ones which dominated programmatic architecture ten years or more ago. This is a symptom of a technology surpassing the technologists who created it. With Landmark, I believe, you time the functionality, after the dross has cleared, into an cceptable tool for a high quality product in my opinion, from research on the Mac platform.


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