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  1. 11.x to 12.5. But I'm starting to have a hunch: In order to install, I had to nuke a bunch of files to get the 5gigs that the install said it needed. After install I have a couple gigs open out of 60-some. But I'm wondering if the install is fragged all over the drive. I notice that it renders slower here (800mhz Power PC G-4, 768megs) than on my work machine which is virtually identical except with less RAM. Do I need to roto-root my drive and reinstall? Other symptoms: inability to create multiple layer links with shift-select, more failure of objects to accept texture mapping modifications (rotation), and upon symbol creation, the thing ends up at an entirely different Z value than I created it at. Ken
  2. I have just "upgraded" to #12.5 and when moving some of my older symbols in to new drawings, they work ok for a bit then corrupt or evaporate. I have lost curtain objects and sweeps. I have also seen some very wierd stuff with symbols that used older textures: they had no textures for a while and then suddenly many drawing elements adopted a new texture without my applying that texture. And what is the deal with texture mapping? "Plane" mapping doesn't rotate and I can edit other mapings and have them not show up. oi Ken
  3. off topic, but I figured someone here could point me in the right direction. I'm doing a set design with a two-sided flats, 3-position wagons, etc., and I suspect that there is a much better way to organize my drawing than I now have. I have hinged flats that play on an "A" or "B" side and an articulated double-hinged rolling book-flat that plays in three different configurations with different furniture. In addition I am cramped for space and want to show the storage positions of stuff I am not using in each scene. Currently I have a layer for each scene, (and thus many copies of the reversible units,) and am planning to put the furniture and accessories in different classes that I switch on and off with saved views and viewports. I see massive file bloat in my future when I start to render.... Ideas? Ken
  4. Can I get guidance on using VW to draw boat hull "Lines?" I noticed when I registered V12.5 there was a check box for people using the software for this, but so far I have not found reference to this use in the manual or in a search of the site. Ken
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