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  1. Has anyone been able to run VectorWorks on a 64 bit OS? I placed a call to the tech support line and asked them if VW worked on 64 bit windows XP and was told that it worked. I went and purchased a new computer, and now when I try to open the program it will not even launch. Please tell me I did not waste $$ on the 64 bit os. Dan
  2. Katie, Thanks, I suspected that I needed to uy the adobe product. However, I am using 12.5 on PC (designer series) and I don't have the option to export to PDF. I have a friend with a mac, and they have the export option. Thanks for your help, Dan
  3. I have v12.5 instaled on two machines, (PC) on my desktop I have the ability to print to "adobe PDF" which allows me to save the file as a PDF file. On my laptop, I don't have the "adobe PDF" option as a choice of printers. How do I go about installing the adobe pdf driver? Dan
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